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Zeninfosys turned commercial

Published on July 11, 2010 By Juzar Noorani

Much can be written and said about the overturn that today’s media has taken in lure to capture the advertisement share of the capitalistic trends of today’s world but the journalists must not forget their code of ethics.

Why hide your name……? Is it “Information provider about me…..”?

Published on March 6, 2007 By Juzar Noorani

I had posted a comment long time back on the blunders of Malumaat. And an anonymous comment on my blog which I do not intend to hide from publishing. Maybe the writer knows that I know the so called owners of Malumaat. Then he knows me well for which he comments my jealousy for them. […]

Another blunder in Malumaat (Information)

Published on September 5, 2006 By Juzar Noorani

The one stop Information portal has again made a bid into securing itself as the top news agency of our times. The Chief editor of the Information Channel had strictly ordered the so called official reporter of malumaat to deny photographs for the sake of exclusive coverage and look what the exclusive information portal does: […]

Little Knowledge is a dangerous thing

Published on January 20, 2006 By Juzar Noorani

The so called “Leading web portal of the Dawoodi Bohras” has messed up its worth once again. Though it does several times but when it comes to the very self of my eternal love, “My Moula”, I can’t bare it. I do not want to abuse anyone but just jot down what’s happening and ask […]