Another blunder in Malumaat (Information)

The one stop Information portal has again made a bid into securing itself as the top news agency of our times. The Chief editor of the Information Channel had strictly ordered the so called official reporter of malumaat to deny photographs for the sake of exclusive coverage and look what the exclusive information portal does:

Wadah from Nairobi?? or was it Dares Salaam. I guess its the same place who cares any ways.

The more stubborn thing to do was place a long distance call to the genuine photographer who loves to share his moments with Maula (captured in photos) with Mumineen worldwide and in an enthusiasm to do so sends the pics to all major portals of the community. This photographer was told that the information portal LOOSES interest in publishing them when they are sent to everyone, because they are not exclusive. Now its clear that its truly a one stop shop after all.

Anyone here who watches the Indian soap Kittu sab Jaanti Hai might see this as the BNS boss attitude.

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