Little Knowledge is a dangerous thing

The so called “Leading web portal of the Dawoodi Bohras” has messed up its worth once again. Though it does several times but when it comes to the very self of my eternal love, “My Moula”, I can’t bare it. I do not want to abuse anyone but just jot down what’s happening and ask you why is the one stop shop called the leading portal for its little knowledge. Well If you have got me then yes I am talking about Malumaat.

I happened to visit the front page of malumaat as I do for they have information that the other portal does not at times. The reasons are many and one is “yourself”, who do not contribute to or contribute less. Another reasons are techincal and policy matters. One could also be of quality. We did not do news but only Akhbar of Moula (TUS) but malumaat did everything and put in randomly on their page. Now we started a section dedicated to Akhbar of all Bilad Imaniyah and people can contribute. We rejected photos that were poor of quality and didn’t publish them even if we had no other content for the event. We opt for quality and quantity. Visit the technical blog of

Its a community project and the community must step up to keep it going, its you th contributor who can make the difference.

Back to what I read today on malumaat. Its written that Moula (TUS)’s waaz was relayed from Saifee Hospital. WAAZ?? Thats what I call little knowledge. I don’t boast to be the all knowledgeable but at least reasonable and have been a student ever. Acquiring as I go.

Oh, I forgot another blunder on the following page, Look at the naming conventions of the photos. TEHNIYAAT. I don’t think this was an Eid Milan programme where people visited to offer greetings. Mumineen visited the hospital to ask, inquire about Huzurala (TUS)’s well-being and pray for Moula (TUS) that’s what is meant by Mizaaj Pursi as far as I know.

I leave it to you to understand if malumaat = information is correct and is a leading portal.

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