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A note of appreciation and gratitude on New Year

Published on January 1, 2013 By Juzar Noorani

As we begin the NEW YEAR with all the great expectations and enthusiasm, and fresh resolutions with long sought wishes, I would like to say: 🙂 Thanks, to those who loved me, they made my heart bigger. 🙂 Thanks, to those who were worried about me, they let me know that they actually cared. 🙂 […]

For Love of the Written Word

Published on November 5, 2010 By Juzar Noorani

The Sharjah Book Fair is one massive event “for the love of the written word”, just as the slogan expresses. Visit the event and you would be astonished to the amount of ink mankind has spread of tons of paper full of expression and thoughts. Since the dawn of civilization man has always been obsessed […]

Sharjah International Book Fair

Published on October 26, 2010 By Juzar Noorani

The SIBF is one event that I wait the entire year to happen. It is a place where one can feed his or her intellectual appetite with vast and diverse collection of titles both new and old.  There is much to write about on an even as massive and full of words as this one. […]

A Profession worth living

Published on October 5, 2010 By Juzar Noorani

At a very young age of about 15 years or so we had to write an essay about the best of all professions and which we in ourselves thought was an ideal one which made a real difference. I chose the teacher as the person who made the biggest difference in our lives, in shaping […]