Abu Dhabi International Airport

The Abu Dhabi International Airport has developed quite a bit since the last time I travelled here.
The place is clean and arrival was pretty smooth with the eGate in place. The information part still lacks behind and needs to be more clear.
The security check process was quite easy and simple on arrival.
The couch service to Dubai was hard to find and there was no one practically a available to guide the Notepassengers, while the waiting area did not exist and most people just stood in the heat waiting for their turn.
The accessibility of the Airport by Taxi is quite expensive and a few public buses are available but again hard to find.
The Diamond Lounge for MasterCard users is a hard to find place and is located before the immigration and security check points in the VIP Terminal. All that needs to be done is to first Check-in with the respective Airline, get the boarding pass and follow the sign board in the Main Terminal Building to the VIP Terminal Located on the ground floor. Upon entering the building you will be asked to provide your Lounge Pass along with the Passport and Boarding Pass and a security check it done. The Diamond Lounge personnel will once again check the above and admit you in the lounge and get your immigration done for you while you sit back, relax and unwind. At the time of boarding you will be taken to the boarding gate just in time for the flight. What a wonderful treat to begin the journey with.
So that’s a day’s experience of transit through the Abu Dhabi International Airport.
Hope to write a bit more as I journey to the US and back, Inshallah.

Note: To be able to arrive (enter the UAE) and depart one would need a valid Visa unless you have a passport that allows Visa free entry.

The Diamond Lounge or the VIP Terminal could not be used if you are traveling to the US on a direct flight from Abu Dhabi since the immigration clearance for the US is done in the Abu Dhabi itself before boarding the flight.

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