Zeninfosys turned commercial

It does take a lot of courage and hard work to remain up to the mark with a news website as it needs constant updates, but in today’s world the expenses of keep the media on a graded level requires a lot of monetary inputs and therefore news must turn commercial and it needs to be exploited by the exclusivity medium.

The more you have the so called exclusivity the more you turn your hits into advertising revenue and that is what media is all about in today’s capitalistic society. First people are lured into pumping in generously for some good cause and then the media turns commercial is hijacked by sponsor biased activity. The enormous amount of ads that zeninfosys is pulling to call itself an exclusive news portal has at times feeded the community with news of individuals at a much personal level to gain access to sponsorship and advertising revenue, how else would the editors of the website survive in a fast paced world.

Contributors are typically given the labels of “Official Reporters and Photographers” and nagged for the exclusivity or their badges being ripped off. The game does not stop there, almost all posts have several number of photos that have no limits while being meaningless as well.

Quality is the key to the reporter’s posts and not quantity. The pictures speak thousands of words and therefore need to be more specific and descriptive to limit the non preferable words spoken by these abruptly posted pictures.

I would also like to add that some of these reporters are granted access by the security volunteers as a gesture of goodwill for the benefit of the community while some of them are by good intentions serving the community some are given a piece of advertising revenue by becoming members and local agents bohrabusiness.com

The fact that bohrabusiness.com has become an international bohra directory to give a leverage to the community is merely a gimmick as they have started to pull revenue from all non-mumineen businesses as well to pocket their share in it as well.

Much can be written and said about the overturn that today’s media has taken in lure to capture the advertisement share of the capitalistic trends of today’s world but the journalists must not forget their code of ethics.

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