Why hide your name……? Is it “Information provider about me…..”?

I had posted a comment long time back on the blunders of Malumaat. And an anonymous comment on my blog which I do not intend to hide from publishing. Maybe the writer knows that I know the so called owners of Malumaat. Then he knows me well for which he comments my jealousy for them.

Should he give one blessed reason to why I might be Jealous. Maybe because they are very famous. Na, that’s not my type. Maybe they have a lot of money. Well its all about luck. Maybe because of their khidmat, well then I should be, and as a result strive to do better in khidmat rather then this rant. You could call that a fair competence.

What I have written in my post about malumaat and its telling photographers to be exclusive is not about jealousy its about bringing the facts forward to my readers. Well I have proof of the emails exchanged but I do not want to publish those for my inner self prevents me from.

My reader, is this the reason why I am thought to be jealous. And if there is any other, let the blog readers know your very good name also. Please do not take this personally, I respect the khidmat of the people who run malumaat (not own it. Is it a commercial industry or what?).

If my reader reads my blog with interest, as per his words, then he should understand that I have a readership who take interest in my views; which, as a result makes me more and more safer and far above from being jealous.

The statement just seems superficial and needs a better job. If he can’t comment properly with proper debating lines then better not pass a statement. Statements need supported by proper sanity and reason.

I have clearly written why I consider malumaat to be a wrong doer if they portray themselves as in khidmat, if otherwise, in commercial terms their way of doing what they do is purely fair.

There is a famous saying if you can’t beat them join them, which I could have done before I started bringing forward my opinions about the portal but I did not like their policies. Ah! Did they have one? Well that is what I have been told my the Chief Editor.

Let me point this out with precision. I respect the family and its khidmat, but that does not alter the facts that malumaat is not about serving, but about being the one stop shop, on the other hand there are people who are serving Dawoodi Bohras worldwide and are being stopped from doing so by malumaat’s (I use this word with caution and precision so that the individuals whom I do respect, are not hurt) insisting reporters and amateur photographers not to provide content to other community portals.

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