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Barakat of Mawaid of Ale Mohammed (AS)

August 29, 2010

Mumineen regard it as a part of barakat from the mawaid of Ale Mohammed (SA) which not only enriches and nourishes the body but the mind and soul as well.

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Unlimited Resources – Myth and Reality.

August 19, 2010

The more precise you are about the needs of your companies website or even your personal needs the more easy it will be for you to determine your costs. Do not get lured into the unlimited bids and be practical even when you dream high for having an internet business like amazon, maybe.

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Ramadan and Fasting

August 12, 2010

The month of Ramadan, 9th in the Islamic calender is celebrated by billions of Muslims worldwide as a month of piety, pious acts, worship and remembrance of the bounties and blessings of Allah, our creator. The month of Islam, the month of purification, the month of seeking forgiveness of sin, the month of worship and […]

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Why a free email account sucks?

August 9, 2010

Those of us who spend a few hours daily on the internet spend at least a few 100$ a year on surfing the internet, especially emailing but ignore a small little expense of getting a paid email account with our own domain name and space. Having total control over our personal and valuable data. It would cost a few dollars a month just to do that.

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