Ramadan and Fasting

The month of Ramadan, 9th in the Islamic calender is celebrated by billions of Muslims worldwide as a month of piety, pious acts, worship and remembrance of the bounties and blessings of Allah, our creator. The month of Islam, the month of purification, the month of seeking forgiveness of sin, the month of worship and the month of fasting is not a custom or tradition but a compulsion observed in Islam. It is the month in which Allah has revealed the Holy Quran, a guidance for mankind.

It brings man closer to the angels in a sense that they do not eat or drink and pulls off all savagery from the human heart uplifting it from being an animal. The hunger reminds the believer of how blessed he is among the many creatures of this world for the bounties that are countless. It creates in him the feeling of care for the fellow beings who do not even have a single meal survive.

The sujud or prostration brings him closer to Allah for it reminds him of those who are arrogant and non-thankful to him, by not caring for the world we live him. The blessed abode that he has given us. The sujud reminds us of the land we walk on for it should not be hurt by our willful kicks and stamping upon it by wasting the plentiful resources that are merely handed over to us as a loan and ought to be returned in full faith for the coming generations.

Zakat, an act of generosity not only meant to purify the wealth of its contaminated parts that might have accumulated out of exploitation of the bliss of nature, even unknowingly, but it is also a way to purify the heart and the soul with merciful acts for the fellow beings who are not so lucky or rather missed their share of nature’s giving. Zakat is a blessing of Allah for all his creation who deserve to be happy and joyful.

It is the ninth month in which the child reaches the last stages attaining an existence in its mother’s womb and it is a time when the joy comes closer to everyone in the household. The 9th month of the Lunar Hijri calender brings joy to the pious as it is a month in which the Prophet Mohammed (SAW) is known to have said that Allah entangles and imprisons the satan. Truely, the Mr. Hide, the evil side in human nature is imprisoned by sawm (fasting) and ibadat (worship). The evil of greed, lust, envy, selfishness and misery is locked in the cell of humbleness and a sense of love and giving in return to the world what one reaps from nature. The remembrance of Allah’s gift to mankind is projected by Islam during this holy month.

Imam Ali Zainul Abideen (AS) in his dua that is recited after the Fajr namaaz during Shehrullah (The month of Allah) say’s that “All praise to Allah who has guided us towards thanking him for his generosity”. He further says that Allah has forbidden that which is allowed in other months and stopped from drinking and eating during daytime as a way of respecting the month. He further prays that Allah grant us the strength to fast during the days of this month by keeping away from all sins by each of our body part and not just by remaining hungry. By utilizing the body in ways that would make Allah happier bu not listening to unworthy words and not looking towards sinful things, speaking only of what is kind and good. Not just to show off or for getting the praise of others but for the sake of our creator.

Further more the son of Imam Husain (AS) asks Allah for his help for getting closer to the family and greeting friends and neighbors. How well the Imam puts the humanly manners and ethics in his supplication as he asks Allah to help us in patching up with those whom we have had a hard time and approaching those who have been unjust to us in a justifying manner and by creating peace with those who for some reason have a feeling of hate towards us. The Imam further elaborates that may our sins wipe out as the moon of this month starts diminishing and our wrong doings be forgiven such that we would not return to it again just as the days of this holy month pass by never to return.

The Dawoodi Bohra Muslims all over the world under the guidance of Aqa Maula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS) spend the days and nights of this holy month is all sorts of Ibadat by spending to feed their fellow beings, helping those not so fortunate enough and engrossing themselves in Ibadat. Peace, love and harmony is our motto which we spread throughout the world where we live. May Allah bless our beloved Maula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS) with a long life in sehat and Afiyat. Ameen

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