Unlimited Resources – Myth and Reality.

There are many hosts out there that just stick a huge board or sign luring people into becoming their clients. They often boast of unlimited resources, be it bandwidth or disk space.

The competition has gripped so tightly on the industry that even the most reputed hosts begin to give away such offers. Value for money thinking has dropped so much in the industry that people start off with absurd plans thinking that at the end they would make some money in volume sales.

Logic does not agree with the concept of unlimited bandwidth or unlimited disk space. Even cloud computing would not be able to fully provide unlimited Hard drive (hdd) because there is a physical resource out there which has a limited capability to whatever extent. When we virtualize such resources we simply eliminate the possibility of being limited on resources and boast of with the word UNLIMITED.

There is no such thing as unlimited and there is no way for it logically either. A simple example that may be understood by the current monetary crises in the banking sector. The bubble grew larger, much immense and out of control for the human capability and blew off leading to a series of piled up collapses into the financial market. The reason behind such immense destruction was the creation of virtual money on the click of a button, built on limited physical resources.

The UNLIMITED resources may lure the buyer into grabbing a low cost service from even the most reputed client but it there is no profitability for the service provider they will finally lapse in the after sales service scenario.

Even one of the most powerful giants on the internet such as google count the amount of space there users are provided when they say 7349 and counting. There is no unlimited tag even if they say. You never need to delete another email from now.

If you are a person who wants their business truly maintained then go for the truth and not the unlimited myth. If you are unsure what is your requirement do read this article to determine your web hosting requirements.

The more precise you are about the needs of your companies website or even your personal needs the more easy it will be for you to determine your costs. Do not get lured into the unlimited bids and be practical even when you dream high for having an internet business like amazon, maybe.

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