Why a free email account sucks?

The internet has tons and loads of information that is available for free. But does reading and goggling up all sorts of information day and night get you a PHD? Well, Billy Gates might be thinking that the internet would soon be a college or university in the near future its a long way to go. So why does all your knowledge not get you any certification after years of referring to the tons of information available here.

One might think I am diverting from the topic but it is quite relevant. The its not he information that earns you your grades and certifications, it is the authenticity of the information. It is how well the knowledge is organized to be put to practical terms and for that you need it to be authenticated and verified by people, living and physical.

When we talk about the internet it is completely virtual and a free email address or a free blogging service or anything that can be grabbed by anyone is unauthentic. Remember a facebook account cannot provide identity information nor can a free gmail or hotmail account authenticate your ID. Its like what Bob said “pope@hotmail.com or gmail.com” does not authenticate that the email is from him.

Most online merchants see the use of a free email account as a suspect of fraud. Such email accounts are also prone to getting your personal and private information at threat of being stolen anytime. Exchanging sensitive information related to your bank accounts or credit card details or online accounts like paypal can land you into a mess if ever the account is compromised.There are several ways this can happen and its a different story for another time.

Those of us who spend a few hours daily on the internet spend at least a few 100$ a year on surfing the internet, especially emailing but ignore a small little expense of getting a paid email account with our own domain name and space. Having total control over our personal and valuable data. It would cost a few dollars a month just to do that. Ekhwan has several plans including Email Solutions as well as Complete Hosting Plans for those who want to establish their own identity on the internet.

What domain should you register? Simply go for your own name or your company name or nickname whatever you think might make it easier for people to identify you on the internet. I have got myself domains like juzarnoorani.com and juzar.net Remember it does pay to have your own domain name and your email, blogs, website hosted on an easily accessible hosting account. It will save you all the trouble of mixed up identities on the internet and give you the authenticity you need. Apart from Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail and many other services, you might also consider having a second thought on third party free blogging services if you are an active blogger.

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