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The thing about Ads

September 27, 2010

Basically advertisement really means to promote and draw attention to your product. A more ethical way to say it would be to raise awareness. Ads that work within these bounds are only valuable the rest is just wasting money on junk and crap. There are these multinationals that sponsor large events to get a piece […]

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Liberty Automobiles and their Money Minded approach

September 26, 2010

A Chevrolet Optra is a nice smooth vehicle with a practical pricing option and it is a nice car for personal use. I bought the vehicle from Liberty Automobiles without any finance and since 5 Years I am happy with the car and its running conditions. Apart from this the Agent Liberty never contacted me […]

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Copyright association with Names

September 21, 2010

Identity theft is a very common issue in today’s digital world where people can easily take the advantage of replicable usernames and other digital signatures to represent another entity. This at times can prove to be life threatening in certain cases. But what if there is no identity theft. What if there do exist people […]

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National Bonds, its prize money and profits

September 15, 2010

People are often lured by the current market situation and most service or job minded people people have a very narrow vision of security, which might mean a secure future without involving risks. These are the people who often get lured into the saving schemes legally started by banks, financial institutions, insurance companies or governments and private entities.

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