Liberty Automobiles and their Money Minded approach

A Chevrolet Optra is a nice smooth vehicle with a practical pricing option and it is a nice car for personal use. I bought the vehicle from Liberty Automobiles without any finance and since 5 Years I am happy with the car and its running conditions.

Apart from this the Agent Liberty never contacted me for any reason being it a suggestion or complaint regrading the vehicle. Being very regular with Oil Change, Breaks and Tire services the car should never have any issues. The regular services were either done at AC Delco or some nice reputed garage, the car was fine until a few months back when there was heavy rainfall.

Just like any mechanical part the car also faced some faults and there was a dragging and start-up issue in the car. I took it to the liberty service station and asked them for a full diagnosis which they said they do not do.

The fault was all mine according to them for not bringing the car to them for regular checkups which cost more then 6 times that of normal service. I asked them to check the problem for which they would charge me 450 AED which is supposed to be written off if any repairs were made. They asked my approval for a job worth more than 4500 AED almost 1/10 of the vehicles price. I asked for bifurcations which were only partly revealed.

Asking them to repair the engine issue which was to be solved by some programming and cleaning of the injector which cost 750 in all, they refused to hand over the other diagnosis they had made, though I got it through another way by requesting the cashier who handed over their costing. A front light bulb change labor charge was 100 AED such a huge amount for a simple bulb change which would take me less then 10 minutes to do it myself.

They had written a complete change of the brake master booster where as  it did not require any change. All that was needed was a simple change of brake pads. I replaced the original brake pads at a price of 120 AED including the service charge and the car’s braking system was as good as new.

Just for getting out money from the pockets of customers liberty pulls false reports on their cars and the customer pockets are deeper. Customer satisfaction is not the motto of the company rather it looks to pocket extra profits whenever possible.

Personally, I have had a very bad experience from unfriendly people at Liberty, so watch out everyone.

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