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Asbaq of Himmah and Tanbih

March 22, 2007

I had started the kitaabs with much enthusiasm for the IT Committee as the Kitaabs have the precise etiquettes needed for a Khidmat guzaar and not a mumin only. Himmah sketches the behavior and character that a Mumin should possess or rather devolop in his/her dealings with Awliya’ullah in all matters of life. While Tanbih […]

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الصفات المقومة للتعليم الجامعي في الفلسفة الفاطمية

March 20, 2007

به وبوليه استعين في جميع الامور . الحمد لله والسلام على عباده الذين اصطفى. ان العلم علم ال محمدنالاطهار مصب لجميع العلوم والفنون وقد جاء عن الامام المستور احمد بن عبداللهص ع في رسائل اخوان الصفاء ان ال محمدص ع واتباعهم لا يتعصبون على مذهب من المذاهب ولا يهجرون كتابا من كتب الحكماء لان علمهم […]

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Fatema Abdul Husain Abadani passes away

March 15, 2007

It was Thursday, 26th Safar al-Muzaffar 12:50 PM, I was returning from the sabaq from Qusais when Munira called up to say that Daadi had passed away. She told me to come home immediately with Maria and the Kids. On my way home I called Maria and told her to get ready we were leaving […]

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