Asbaq of Himmah and Tanbih

I had started the kitaabs with much enthusiasm for the IT Committee as the Kitaabs have the precise etiquettes needed for a Khidmat guzaar and not a mumin only.

Himmah sketches the behavior and character that a Mumin should possess or rather devolop in his/her dealings with Awliya’ullah in all matters of life. While Tanbih alGaffileen sheds light on the conduct of Mumineen among themselves.

The group was of about 12 people initially and ended with 6. Majority of the men either did not like the subject or were simply not interested in attending the sabaq because it was me who was preaching. Was it me I really think.

I tried to be precise in the zikr I did to the extent that the sabaqs were more bookish and within the text itself rather then other sources except at places where I had to portray the lines that were between the ink. Himmah is a difficult kitaab in language and as a Kitaab of hikmat I had a feeling it would be hard to digest for those who are not prepared even though some have attended asbaq of Shz Sahebs.

On the other hand Tanbih was a more fascinating kitaab for its simplicity of language and richness of knowledge. What was comprehended in im mind was far more loftier then that which I could say. Its a masterpiece in itself, as it covers the secrets while pointing towards them in an obvious way. The coded language in a simple text is something that astonishes me about this Kitaab. Syedna Hatim (RA) had indeed put in its fold the vast realities, the keys to which were with his predecessors.
Today after a year both the kitaabs ended with a presence of only four. Those who wish to quench their thirst from the sweet streams of ilme Aale mohammed can’t be kept away for those who have no respect for it. It is my job to continue with this Khidmat with another Kitaab even if a single soul is left. What I believe is that the fayz will reach those who are destined to receive it and those who loose their share are at loss.

May Allah bless our Hudaat Kiraam with afzal al-Jaza for their selfless efforts in imparting this knowledge and transferring these barakaat to reach our souls. May Allah grant Aqamoula (TUS) a long life. Ameen