Fatema Abdul Husain Abadani passes away

It was Thursday, 26th Safar al-Muzaffar 12:50 PM, I was returning from the sabaq from Qusais when Munira called up to say that Daadi had passed away. She told me to come home immediately with Maria and the Kids.

On my way home I called Maria and told her to get ready we were leaving for Ajman and stop at the Masjid to as for the procedures of raza. We contacted Ismail bhai Tambawala for his help and I called Shk Dr. Shakir for raza purposes as the namaaz and tajheez were to be done in Sharjah. I tried to reach Daddy but he would not pick the phone he was still in the sabaq hall.

When I reached Ajman at Husaini Kaka’s place the police had arrived and had called the ambulance. I had to call up in khidmat of Shz Saheb (DM) to ask raza on Ajman Amil Saheb for tajheez tawalli in Sharjah. We went to the hospital and everything was quite clear, we would be getting the permission within a few hours with all the complete paper work and that the dafan would be done at night itself.

The doctor wrote the report which was faxed by the on-duty police to the central officers but we did not get a reply till 5 PM. Fida ali Uncle and Shk Ali Nasir went there to find out that the signatory officer concerned was not on duty. He was called in, the papers prepared and just before signing, he found out a loop hole in the doctor’s report, it was mentioned “refer to postmortem”. The officer said that this doc is nuts, an 85 year old lady who has been sick since the past month. What a crap. But he had to call public prosecution for clearance , it was part of his duty. The Prosecutor called the postmortem doc to write his report. Waiting at the hospital the doc finally arrived at 9:30 PM just to give a green signal. Finally we got the papers ready by 10:30 PM and announced for the namaaz time 7:30 AM Friday morning. Looking back at all this and pondering I understand that all is well that Allah wishes for us. Zaki kaka was stuck at the Oman border and could not have reached in time for the dafan if it were at night and so would Sakina faiji, she was boarding the flight to Dubai at that moment. She was not told of the death of Daadi. She had missed her flight yesterday due to ECR stamp on her passport. Finally she arrived at 2 AM in the morning and asked for Daadi, when she was informed about the incident and it took her with less burden after all.

Another fact of daadi’s life ending was that all her children were with her, even her great grand children. Husaini kaka was to leave for Karbala the next day and would not have been present if any thing happened after that.

Some notable facts of the 22 day happenings are so surprising that one can only call it a coincidence but I would call it the dua and barakat of Maula (TUS) whom she has served her entire life. Sweeping the masjid in Mandvi, reciting the Quran with niyat of Maula (TUS). It was Thursday 22 days back when she had an attack on her brain during Fajr namaaz. She was taken to Khalifa Hospital in Ajman in a ambulance. The Doctor after examinations said that her brain has failed to respond due to some infections and it will result in total paralysis. At this stage her left body and tongue was not responding. The eyes too were not responding. An araz was done in Hazarat Aliyah and firman to do sadaqa for 21 days. Her condition deteriorated as days passed and except for her hearing and perception all was down. The Doctor said that recovery was impossible.

After that araz was done 4 times in Hazrat Aliyah for dua. We used to give her zamzam and water of Karbala as well. On the last Thursday, as per Shz Qasim bs Hakimuddin’s instructions Ahdul Ehsan was taken. After the ahad she started to get better. The sores on her body started to decrease. On Sunday after Chehlum and araz was done for the 4th time in Hazrat Aliyah. Shifa water was given and her health became better. The food pipe that was not passing her mouth due to sore now passed easily. The sores in her mouth decreased. The doctor told to start giving Milk and stop medication. On Tuesday, the doctor suggested to take her home. We denied fearing infection for her. The doctor said that her health would not improve further then what was seen and that she could live a day or even a year. Finally she returned to Husaini Kaka’s place.

Today, 21 days of Sadaqa were over and Husaini kaka was planning to return to karbala with a heavy heart but in Khidmat of Imam Husain (AS). He sat besides her while Munira was serving her water through the pipe. Husaini Kaka took the water from her and gave it to his mother in sigh and sat there. It was during this time about half an hour and Allah’s rehmat grasped our beloved mother into its folds. The time of Zawal and the Dua’s of Waliullah. The day of Imam Hasan’s Shahadat her suyum and our prayers with her always.

May Allah bless our Maula (TUS) our parent a long life and grant our mother his shafa’at. Ameen