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الزعيم غارم

December 13, 2005

Leadership is the nickname of responsibility. Those who accept leadership bare the burden of the errors and faults of the human race. Infact it is their destiny. Laurence J. Peter has once said: “Democracy is a process by which people are free to choose the man who will get the blame.”

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To Be or Not to Be

December 4, 2005

I find myself in a dilemma or to be precise a cross road of life. At this age of mine people say that half of the world tour has completed and a little pending. I see myself tired and struggling to settle down when suddenly I have been given a choice to start anew and […]

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My Hosting Experiance

December 1, 2005

I have been around providing hosting since 5 years to a local client base. First I was with onefusion that suddenly vanished in the blues and then I shifted to surpass, have been with them since a year and a half or even more. My experience with their support is very good. Their support is […]

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Double Standards

November 27, 2005

Most of us have experianced people playing double standards in life and we often do it ourselves. The govenment has policies set that are different for the rich, famous and influencial while the poor and underpreveleged suffer from mistreatment and discrimination. My father always says that this world is a bag of kajal (Some black […]

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