My Hosting Experiance

I have been around providing hosting since 5 years to a local client base. First I was with onefusion that suddenly vanished in the blues and then I shifted to surpass, have been with them since a year and a half or even more. My experience with their support is very good. Their support is good and most of the problems easily solved.

My worst experience with them is that their uptime. They were having problems with Pass6 last March and it took them a month to restore all accounts to normal. I was really fed-up with my clients yelling at me but I had back-ups and I shifted them temporarily to windows account.

After that I am still very much concerned of their uptime. Surpass always has problems with uptime, though the server is back up as soo as you complain but this makes no sense. Dont they monitor their server??

Pass6 is the server where I am, I cant say much about other servers and their support is fine. I am not much concerned of the uptime as it occurs when most of my customers are asleep, I have local customers mostly. But it does effect all of us as we miss out on mails at times. I hope the good people at surpass keep do something for providing a better uptime.

CPANEL and WHM is the control panel I love its features are excellent and good for end users as well as resellers.

Their price is also fine for me and I cant find a better price then theirs, if anyone has good experience somewhere else for the same price let me know.

As for CPanel and WHM on linux I would like to have a dedicated managed server if I could get one for a good price and with a good company. End2End Management of the server is much more important.

As for ASPWEBSERVER all I can say is thumbs up. They are exellent people when it comes to problem solving and support. They have online live chat on yahoo and msn as well.

Their uptime is very good as far as I am concerned. I have been with them since the past 3 years and they are very good.

The only drawback is their Control panel which does not support mailing lists and they do not provide MS SQL database. I had asked them to provide me MS SQL for an extra price but they declined. I had to buy an account with jodo for getting MS SQL and I guess I will have to leave aspwebserver, though I am not sure about it yet. I might downgrade my account with them if I was to continue wih aspwebserver and also jodohost.

I do not like the restriction of limited control panel that jodo has. It limits our capability to resell the resources / accounts though their domain hosting is unlimited but the clients usually ask for control panels and that is a draw back of the h-Sphere control panel. The panel is in itself 6 USD a year which adds to the cost.

I have just written my experience with several hosts.

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