Double Standards

Most of us have experianced people playing double standards in life and we often do it ourselves. The govenment has policies set that are different for the rich, famous and influencial while the poor and underpreveleged suffer from mistreatment and discrimination. My father always says that this world is a bag of kajal (Some black stuff applied to the eyes, common on India), and one should always be careful that he does not get the black stain.

People call double face policies Diplomacy and I think it is nothing but a plot to fool people to reap ones own benefits. The capitalistic trend that the world is moving towards is nothing but a result of this policy and is based on it. Where the Large fish swallow the bigger ones and the big ones feed on the small. Maybe its a cycle fixed by nature as in the food chain.

Does spiritual teachings and religion teach such values and morals, then where did man get it. Someone told me that religion is a part of this world that should not be forgotten and therefore even the Pope and the Bishops have to play politics and act diplomatically. Double standards is what I call it.

The law if based on the divine laws of Allah and if acted upon would bring peace to the world. Amirul Mumineen Molana Ali (AS) was told to allow Mu’awiya as the governor of shaam until the be’at (Allegiance) to Ali was over. He replied that I would not take the astray as my supporters. But today we see that at times the government even seeks help from the criminals to reap selfish benefits covered by the so called benefit of the mass. The divine law permits truce and peace but it does not permit making cops out of criminals, does it? Well if the criminal is no longer so, then its a different aspect but not if he is still a criminal.

The above action could cause poblems to the loyal cops and interfere in the entire administration but who cares if the Police Cheif is benefiting from the public functions and under the table cash.

The police matter is just an example of the double standards that todays society has embraced and accepted as diplomacy.

The divine law is same for the poor and wealthy and if that policy is accepted then all would be fine. But alas men seek temporary and transitory benefits for the present.