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Budgeting Guidelines

In order to make effective financial decisions, it is important to know and keep track of your income and expenses. With skyrocketing inflation, meeting day-to-day needs and being prepared for unexpected emergencies, is getting trickier day by day. A personal or household budget, even at its most basic, is one of the best tools you can utilize to better managing your money.

Importance of a Budget

A budget is a plan of how you are going to spend your estimated total income before you spend it!

Money, like any other resource, needs planning and preparation. When you actually put your expenses and your incomes down on paper with some kind of plan, then that is when you can really figure out how healthy your finances are and whether certain changes need to be made or not.

As an estimation, a budget is a tool that allows you to think carefully about how you income will be divided among necessary living expenses, savings and investment during a certain period.

What information does the budget give you?

  • Different types of income sources
  • Amount of income by source
  • Total planned income
  • Types of expenditure, including business and household expenses
  • Total planned expenditures
  • Total savings

How to Make a Budget

A household budget can take on many different styles and shapes depending on who you are and what you need your budget to be capable of achieving.

The three key steps of a budget as follows:

STEP ONE: Estimate the amount of regular and irregular income per month.

STEP TWO: Divide your income among the following:

  1. All anticipated expenses and amount needed for each expense.
  2. Amount required for repayment of loans, if any.
  3. How much you want to save to meet short-term or long-term goals

STEP THREE: Calculate whether your estimated total income is enough to cover total spending.

If income exceeds expenditure, you have a budget surplus. You should save this surplus income to spend during times when income might be lesser or expenditure will exceed expected expenses.

If expenditures exceed income, you have a budget deficit. The idea is to prepare yourself for these months using your financial plan. Another thing which might help is to spend less during the low-income periods.

Staying Within your Budget

Making a budget is a simple task but following ones budget and sticking to it, takes discipline! You must respect each part of the budget, from establishing financial goals, to controlling your spending, to honoring your commitment to save. The following tips tackle most common issues people have with staying within their budgets.

Issue 1: Irregular income per month

Ask yourself: what time of the year do you have a little more money? When are you short of money?

Use a calendar you can see that income and expenditures vary depending on seasons, activities, religious and social events as well as life events (for e.g. births or deaths). This calendar can be used as a tool to estimate income and expenditure trends while making a budget.

Issue 2: Staying within the Budget

Try the simple but effective ‘Envelope Technique’. Organize your household spending into the following five categories: Business Expenditure, Household Expenses, Debt Repayment, Short-Term Expenditure, Long-Term Expenditure.

In order to better manage your money, at the beginning of each month you can allocate an amount for each of these envelopes and then divide their money between these. It is not important for savings to be in thousands. A little amount is also a contribution towards short term or long-term savings goals.

This is a great way to keep savings separate and out of reach, so that it is not spent and keep track of your spending.

Issue 3: Expenditure Exceeds Income

See if any of the following can be applied by adapting it to your lifestyle or skill-set:

Ways in which a household can earn more money Ways in household can spend less money
1. For farming communities, a change in crop cultivation may be suggested. The idea being that faster selling vegetables would increase household income

2. Utilizing skills that the entire household has: have you considered encouraging your son/daughter to babysit or offer tuitions for the children in your neighborhood? Perhaps your wife or you can utilise their writing skills to work part-time for an NGO?

3.Ask for a pay rise at your current job. People are often scared to do this, yet why not simply ask – the worst that can happen is they say ‘no’. Simply ask for an appointment, prepare your points – which should be more about your job role than ‘I need the money’ – and see what happens. It’s just as difficult for an employer to say no when you ask, as it is for you to ask in the first place

1. Buy household items in wholesale in one go instead of on credit

2. Plan ahead to buy necessities when the prices are lower

3. Get second-hand books from other students

4. Start a kitchen gardening for own consumption

5. Recruit everyone in the house to spend less money on household utilities

6. Be creative when planning outings: picnics at the beach or one of the many parks in the country which are getting cleaner, with home-cooked food or sandwiches are a great and inexpensive way to spend time with the family

7. Carry less money or save money in a safe place (thereby avoid temptation to spend)

Keeping Records

The tracking of your financial transactions is helpful for managing your money. You can always refer to the recorded information to check past transactions as well as to inform future planning.

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Ashara 1439 ends like a dream

What made Karachi Ashara outstanding, was the general attitude of Mumineen there.

They treated mehmaan in the spirit of welcoming them as, Imam Husain’s zuwaar and Ali Qadr Maula’s TUS personal guests.

This attitude was the winning point.

Right from the word GO, small things mattered to mumineen.

We were treated like royals.

At the Airport, young boys rushed to pick up our luggage, offered us snacks with a warm smile, were apologetic if there were any delays. The message was, that “we are here to help you as best as we can.”

Mumineen who were hosted in houses, never felt as that they were strangers. They were treated like family or more than that.

All around there was courtesy and warmth.

No pushing or shouting or jumping queues.

The discomfort of heat or the slightly long distances, all faded away, because of this atmosphere of being one.

On the 11th of Muharram, the hosts went out of their way, to take their mehmaans, to treat them at breakfast with Halwa Puri & Nihari for breakfast.

Even for dinner, there were just Mumineen visible in all the restaurants that were open.

When we had dinner at Kaybees, one Mumin bhai had got approx 40 guests for dinner.

Someone in Haideri had organized a barbeque of 4 bakras for his guests.
As if this wasn’t enough, they gave hadiyas when we left & yet they kept on saying that they hadn’t done enough.

Of course the other big achievements are too many to be listed here.

The clean clean Saddar area & thousands of shops closed for the entire event, the top notch security, the zonal mawaids, the endless supply of water & snacks & tea. The BGI working round the clock.

Also the sweetness of Urdu & the unending hugs, just added to the whole feeling of being belonged.

Ashara ended like a dream.

Maula’s Bayaan Mubarak & the shanaat that Mumineen witnessed, I am too small a person to comment on.

*Idraak karvu na mumkin che.*

Bas, for me, I thought just sharing my viewpoint, would be my expression of heartfelt gratitude to the Mumineen of Pakistan and to all those who made it possible.

I feel, all this happens, because, we all are the children of Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS.

Mufaddal Maula may you live a thousand years and Maula Hamne aapna saathej hamesha raakhjo.

Shukran once again to Mumineen of Pakistan.

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Ashara Mubarakah 1439 in Karachi – A Poem

The waking up early.
The waiting eagerly.
The rush we faced 24hours .

The fully packed house.
The chaos all around .
The airports were filled with all the bohras incoming.
The constant checking of ITS all around.
The happiness when you got the pass.
Aunty hati jao.
Bhen Bethi jao.
The sentence that was Repeated everyday.

From India to Africa to America. People from across the world came. To get that one deedar again.

One time salam is all I wished for.
One time qadambosi is all I dreamed of.
The heat ,
the rush,
the pain it was all worth it.
At Last it was the Ashara of 1439 .

In these 10 days I enhanced my knowledge from waaz , I never thought I could be blessed with.
I got blessed with things I never deserved.

Karachi glowed . Bohra community was known.
The Khidmat , the excitement it all came to an end. Now I can close my eyes with no regrets ahead.

One deedar Is all I needed to survive this worldly place.
One look and all my hardships had disappeared .
One tear drop is all I needed for my after. life.

Moula ek nazar is all we could say.
Ya Hussain , ya Hussain. This rythm of maatam ecoed In our ears.

It was the best Ashara I could’ve attend. Next time inshallah we all will experience the same adventure ahead.

Author Unknown

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Naaz Khiaalvi – Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho – You are a Puzzle (An Enigma)

Tum Aik Gorakh Dhanda Ho is a extremely complex poem, hard to decipher and translate. It is a woe, that the search for God, leaves the poet puzzled and alone. Many people confuse Dhanda with Business, which is incorrect. It is one of the most amazing text you would find about Sufi/Darwaish/Spiritual face of faith. . . .

All credits to Naaz Khiaalvi who wrote this . . .

Here is have Audio (Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan), Urdu text & English translation.

URDU Text:

Kabhi Yahaan Tumhein Dhonda, Kabhi Wahaan Pohncha
Tumhari Deed Ki Khaatir Kahan Kahan Pohcha
Ghareeb Mit Ga’ay, Pamaal Ho Gaye Laikin
Kisi Talak Na Tera Aaj Tak Nishaan Pohncha

Ho Bhi Nahi Aur Her Jaa Ho
Ho Bhi Nahi Aur Her Ja Ho
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Her Zarray Mein Kiss Shaan Say Tu Jalwa Numa Hai
Hairaan Hai Magar Aqal K Kaisay Hai To Kia Hai
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Tujhay Dair-O-Haram Mein Nai Dhonda Tu Nahi Milta
Magar Tashreef Farma Tujhay Apne Dil Mein Daikha Hai
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Dhonday Nahi Milay Ho Na Dhonday Say Kaheen Tum
Aur Phir Yeah Tamasha Hai, Jahan Hum Hein Waheen Tum
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Jab Bajuz Tairay Koi Dosra Maujood Nahi
Phir Samajh Mein Nahi Aata Tera Purdah Karna
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Harm O Dair Mein Hai Jalwa E Purfan Tera
Do Gharoon Ka Hai Charaagh E Kurkhe Roshan Tera
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Jo Ulfat Mein Tumhari Kho Gaya Hai, Usi Kho’ay Hoay Ko Kuch Mila Hai
Na But-Khanay, Na Kabay Mein Mila Hai, Magar Totay Hoay Dil Mein Mila Hai
Adam Bun Ker Kaheen To Chup Gaya Hai, Kaheen To Hast Bun Ker Aa Gaya Hai

Nahi Hai Tu To Phir Inkaar Kaisa, Nafi Bhi Tairay Honay Ka Pata Hai
Mein Jiss Ko Keh Raha Hoon Apni Hasti, Agar Wo Tu Nahi To Aur Kia Hai
Nahi Aaya Khayaloon Mein Agar Tu, To Phir Mein Kaisay Samjha Tu Khuda Hai
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Hairan Hoon Is Baat Pay, Tum Kon Ho Kia Ho
Haath Aao To But, Haath Na Aao To Khuda Ho
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Aqal Mein Jo Ghir Gaya La-Intiha Kiyoon Ker Hoa
Jo Samajh Mein Aa Gaya Phir Wo Khuda Kiyoon Ker Hoa
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Falsafi Ko Behas K Ander Khuda Milta Nahi
Dour Ko Suljha Raha Hai Aur Sira Milta Nahi
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Pata Yoon To Bata Daitay Ho Sub Ko La-Makaan Apna
Ta’ajub Hai Magar Rehtay Ho Tum Tootay Hoay Dil Mein
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Jab K Tujh Bin Nahi Koi Maujood
Phir Yeah Hangama Ay Khuda Kia Hai
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Chuptay Nahi Ho, Samnay Aatay Nahi Ho Tum, Jalwa Dikha K Jalwa Dikhatay Nahi Ho Tum
Dair O Haram K Jhagray Mita’tay Nahi Ho Tum, Jo Asal Baat Hai Wo Batatay Nahi To Tum
Hairaan Hoon Mairay Dil Mein Sama’ay Ho Kiss Tarah, Haan’la K Do Jahan Mein Samatay Nahi To Tum
Yeah Ma Bud O Haram, Yeah Qaleesa-o-Dair Kiyoon, Harjayii Ho Jabhi To Bata’tay Nahi To Tum
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Dil Peh Hairat Nai Ajab Rung Jama Rakha Hai, Aik Uljhi Howi Tasveer Bana Rakha Hai
Kuch Samajh Mein Nahi Aata K Yeah Chakkar Kia Hai, Khail Kia Tum Nai Azal Say Yeah Racha Rakha Hai
Rooh Ko Jism K Pingray Ka Bana Ker Qaidee, Us Pay Phir Mout Ka Pehraa Bhi Bithaa Rakha Hai
Day K Tadbeer K Panchi Ko Uranay Tu Nai, Daam-E-Tadbeer Mein Her Sumt Bicha Rakha Hai
Kar K Araish E Qounain Ki Barsoon Tu Nai, Khatam Karne Ka Bhi Mansooba Bana Rakha Hai

La-Makaani Ka Bahr Haal Hai Dawa Bhi Tumhein, Nahl-O-Akrab Ka Bhi Paighaam Suna Rakha Hai
Yeah Burai, Wo Bhalai, Yeah Jahannum, Wo Bahisht, Is Ulat Phiar Mein Farmao To Kia Rakha Hai
Jurm Aadam Nai Kiya Aur Saza Baitoon Ko, Adl O Insaaf Ka Mi’aar Bhi Kia Rakha Hai
Dai K Insaan Ko Dunya Mein Khilafat Apni, Ik Tamasha Sa Zamanay Mein Bana Rakha Hai
Apni Pehchaan Ki Khaatir Hai Banaya Sub Ko, Sub Ki Nazaroon Say Magar Khud Ko Chup Rakha Hai
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Nit Naye Naqsh Banatay Ho Mita Daitay Ho, Janay Kiss Jurm-E-Tamanna Ki Saza Daitay Ho
Kabhi Kunker Ko Bana Daitay Ho Heeray Ki Kani, Kabhi Heeron Ko Bhi Mitti Mein Mila Daitay Ho
Zindagi Kitnay He Murdoon Ko Ata Ki Jiss Nai, Wo Maseeha Bhi Saleebon Pay Saja Daitay Ho
Khuwahish-E-Deed Jo Kar Baithay Sir-E-Tuur Koi, Tuur Hee Bark e Tajaali Say Jala Daitay Ho
Nalay Namrood Mein Dalwatay Ho Qudrat Na Khaleeq, Khud Hee Phir Naar Ko Gulzaar Bana Daitay Ho

Chahay Kin Aan Mein Phainko Kabhi Maah Kinaan, Noor Yaqoob Ki Aankhon Ka Bujha Daitay Ho
Day Ke Yusuf Ko Kabhi Mirs K Bazaaron Mein, Aakhir Kaar Shah-E-Misr Bana Daitay Ho
Jazb O Masti Ki Jo Manzil Pe Pohonchta Hai Koi, Baith Ker Dil Mein Anal Haq Ki Sada Daitay Ho
Khud He Lagwatay Ho Phir Kufr K Fatway Us Per, Khud He Mansoor Ko Sooli Peh Charha Daitay Ho
Apni Hasti Bhi Wo Ik Rooz Gawa Baith’ta Hai, Apne Darshan Ki Lagan Jiss Ko Laga Daitay Ho

Koi Ranjha Jo Kabhi Khooj Mein Nikle Teri, Tum Usay Jhang K Bele Mein Rula Daitay Ho
Justujo Lay K Tumhari Joh Chalay Qais Koi, Us Ko Majno Kisi Laila Ka Bana Daitay Ho
Jot? Sassi K Agar Mun Mein Tumhari Jagay, Tum Usay Taptay Hoay Thal Mein Jala Daitay Ho
Sohni Gar Tum Ko Mahiwaal Tassawur Ker Le, Us Ko Bikhri Howi Lehroon Mein Baha Daitay Ho
Khudh Joh Chaho To Sar-E-Arsh Bula Ker Mehboob, Aik He Raat Mein Mairaaj Kara Daitay Ho
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Aap Hi Apna Pardah Ho
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Jo Kehta Hoon Mana Tumhein Lagta Hai Bura Sa, Phir Bhi Hai Mujhay Tum Say Baharhaal Gila Sa
Chup Chaap Rahay Daikhtay Tum Arsh-E-Bareen Per, Taptay Hoay Karbal Mein Mohammad Ka Nawasa
Kiss Tarah Pilata Tha Laahu Apna Wafa Ko, Khud Teen Dino Say Wo Agarchay Tha Piyasa
Dushmun To Bahar Haal Thay Dumshun Magar Afsoos, Tum Nai Bhi Faraham Na Kia Pani Zara Sa

Her Zulm Ki Taufeeq Hai Zaalim Ki Wirasat, Mazloom K Hissay Mein Tasalli Na Dilasa
Kal Taaj Saja Daikha Tha Jis Shaqs K Sir Per, Hai Aaj Usi Shaqs K Haathon Mein Hikasa
Yeh Kia Hai Agar Pochon To Kehtay Ho Jawaban, Is Raaz Say Ho Sakta Nahi Koi Shanasa
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Hairat Ki Ik Dunya Ho
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Har Aik Jaan Pey Ho, Laikin Pata Nahi Maloom
Tumahra Naam Suna Nai, Nishaan Nahi Maloom
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Dil Say Armaan Jo Nikal Ja’ay To Jugnu Ho Ja’ay, Aur Aankhon Mein Simat Aa’ay To Aanso Ho Ja’ay
Ja Pe Ya Huu Ka Jo Be Hu Karay Hu Mein Kho Ker, Us Ko Sultaniyaan Mil Jaein Woh Baahu Ho Ja’ay
Baalgi Ka Na Kisi Ka Ho Churi Ke Neechay, Halk-E-Asghar Mein Kabhi Teer Tarazu Ho Ja’ay
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Kiss Qadar Beniyaaz Ho Tum Bhi
Daastan E Niyaaz Ho Tum Bhi
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Raah-E-Tehqeeq Mein Her Gaam Pay Uljhan Daikhoon, Wohi Halaat O Khayalaat Mein Anaban Daikhoon
Bana Ke Rah Jaata Hoon Tasaveer Pareshaani Ki, Ghaur Say Jab Bhi Kabhi Dunya Ke Darpan Daikhoon
Aik He Khaaq Pay Fitrat Ke Tajaadaat Itne, Itne Hisson Mein Banta Aik He Angan Daikhoon

Kahin Zahmat Ki Sulagti Howi Patjhar Ka Sama, Kahin Rahmat Ke Barastay Hoay Sawan Daikhon
Kahin Punkartay Darya, Kabhin Khamosh Pahar, Kabhi Jungle, Kahin Sahra, Kahin Gulshan Daikhoon
Khoon Rulata Hai Yeh Taqseem Ka Andaaz Mujhay, Koi Dhanwaan Yahaan Per Koi Nirdhan Daikhoon

Din Ke Haathon Mein Faqat Ek Sulagta Suraj, Raat Ki Maang Sitaroon Say Muzayyan Daikhon
Kahin Murjha’ay Howe Phool Hein Sach’chaii Ke, Aur Kahin Jhoot Ke Kaanton Pay Bhi Joban Daikhon
Shams Ki Khaal Kaheen Khinchti Nazar Aati Hai, Kaheen Sarmad Ki Utarti Howi Gardan Daikhoon

Raat Kia Shay Hai Sawayra Kia Hai, Yeah Ujala Yeah Andhera Kia Hai
Mein Bhi Naayib Hoon Tumhara Aakhir, Kiyoon Yeh Kehtay Ho K Tera Kya Hai
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Daikhnay Wala Tujhay Kia Dekhta
Tu Nai Her Rung Say Pardah Kia
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Masjid Mandir Yeh Mekhanay, Koi Yeh Manay Koi Woh Manay
Sub Tere Hein Jaana Kasahanay, Koi Yeh Manay Koi Woh Manay
Ik Honay Ka Tere Qaail Hai, Inkaar Pay Koi Maail Hai
Ik Khalq Mein Shaamil Karta Hai, Ik Sub Say Akela Rehta Hai
Hein Dono Tere Mastanay, Koi Yeh Manay Koi Woh Manay
Sub Hein Jab Aashiq Tumhare Naam Ke, Kiyoon Yeh Jhagray Hein Rahim-O-Raam Ke
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Dair Mein Tu Haram Mein Tu, Arsh Pe Tu Zameen Pe Tu
Jiss Ki Pohonch Jahan Talak Us K Liyeah Waheen Pe Tu
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Her Ik Rung Mein Yakta Ho
Her Ik Rung Mein Yakta Ho
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

Markaz E Justuju, Aalam E Rung O Boo, Dum Ba Dum Jalwagar Tu He Tu Chaar Su
Hu K Mahool Mein Kuch Nahi Illah Hu, Tum Bohot Dilruba Tum Bohot Khoobaru
Arsh Ki Azmatein Farsh Ki Aabro, Tum Ho Qonein Ka Haasil-E-Aarzo
Aankh Nay Ker Lia Aanso’on Say Wazu, Ub To Ker Do Ata Deed Ka Ik Sabu
Aao Parday Say Tum Aankh K Ru Baru, Chund Lamhay Milan Do Ghari Guftagu
Naaz Jabta Phiray Ja Baja Qo Ba Qu, Wahdahu Wahdahu La Shareeka Laho

Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah Hu
Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah Hu

English Translation:-

You are a Puzzle (An Enigma)

Sometimes I looked for you here, and some times there
To have your sight I’ve been ruined and I’ve everywhere
The dear ones vanished, but No one got a lead to you

You are not, yet you are at every place,
You are a puzzle

With what splendour you can be seen in every speck
But the mind is puzzled what you look like and what you are
You are a puzzle

I looked for you in the houses of worship, but couldn’t find you
Yet I found you residing in my heart,
You are a puzzle

I couldn’t find you anywhere
But the spectacle is that You are there, where we are
You are a puzzle

If there is none but you
Then I cannot understand why veil Yourself
You are a puzzle

You manifest-in the houses of worship
Your light is resplendent in these places
You are a puzzle

He who is lost in your love, He is rewarded
You could not be found either in a temple or Ka’bah
But you could be found in a broken heart
Sometimes you are hidden as non-existence and somewhere you appear as existence
If you are not then why deny?
Even the negation confirms your existence
The one I call my Existence who is that if not you?
If you didn’t come in my thoughts
Then how did I learn you are God?
You are a puzzle

What puzzles me is who and what are You
You’re an idol when You come by and if not then You are God
You are a puzzle

How did the one who entered wisdom could become Everlasting? How did one who comes into mind’s grasp become God
The philosopher doesn’t find God in an argument
He is trying to untangle the cord but cannot find the top
You tell all You are homeless
But surprisingly You dwell in a broken heart
You are a puzzle

If there is none but You 0 God,
Then what is all this commotion about?
You are a puzzle

You don’t hide, You don’t show Yourself
You show the manifestation but don’t show Yourself
You don’t remove the conflicts of the manner of worship
You don’t reveal the exact things
I’m surprised how You accommodated in my heart?
When the two worlds are not enough for You
You are in the houses of worship
You are faithless for not showing Your countenance
You are a puzzle

The puzzle taken strange possession of my heart
A confused picture it’s drawn within it
I do not understand what all this puzzle is
What is this game You’ve been playing since the beginning of time
You made the soul the prisoner of the body’s cage and then put the guard of death on it
You make the bird of contrivance fly ‘ yet you’ve spread the net of fate everywhere
For years you adorned the world and hereafter yet you have also made the plan of destruction
Though you claim to be homeless
Yet you preached about home, kith and kin
This is bad, this good, this is hell, this is heaven
Please tell me what is in this perplexity?
For Adam’s crime you punish his children
Is that the standard of your justice?
By giving the earthly vicegerency to the man,
You have made it into a spectacle
For Your own recognition you created all
But you hide yourself from all
You are a puzzle

You draw and erase yourself
I don’t know which crime of desire you punish us
Sometimes you’ll turn a pebble into a diamond
Other times you’ll turn a diamond into dust
The one who revived many dead
You made him to adorn the crucifix
The one that longed to have your sight on the Mount Sinai
You reduced the Mount to ashes with the Lightning of your Manifestation
You wished Abraham to be thrown into Nimrud’s Fire
Then you turned that fire into flowers yourself
Sometimes you throw a Canaanite into the well of Canaanites
And then deprive Jacob of his sight
You make Joseph to be put into the slave-mart of Egypt
And then you also make him the king of Egypt
When someone reaches to the destination of higher spirituality
You make him to voice: I’m the Truth
Then allow the verdicts of infidelity against Him
You send yourself Mansoor to the crucifix
One day he too loses his life
Whom You make to see Your sight
If a Ranjha goes in Your quest
You make him in the charity of Jhang
If some Majnun goes in Your quest
You make him a beloved of some Laila
If Your love awakens in Sassi’s heart
You scorch her in a burning desert
If Sohni imagined you as her Mahinval
You drowned her into the ragging currents
You do as You wish by summoning to the Heaven
And in a single night You can make the Prophet’s Accession to Heaven
You are a puzzle

You’re Your Veil
You are a puzzle

I accept what I say You mind it a little
But still I’ve a little complaint to make
You sat quiet on your Throne and watched Muhammad’s grandson the scorching desert of Karbala
How he was giving his blood for Your Love though he was thirsty for three days
His enemies were after all enemies, but it’s sad even you didn’t provide him with a little Water
Every favour of oppression is the inheritance of the oppressor
But the oppressed is neither consoled nor comforted
Yesterday he who had a crown on his head
Today I see him with a begging bowl
What is this? If I ask, your answer is
That no one can get acquainted with this secret
You are a puzzle

You are a world of astonishment
You are a puzzle

You are Omnipresent but I do not know where
I have heard your name but I do not know your location
You are a puzzle

Once the heart’s wish is fulfilled it glows
And when eyes are gratified they are filled With tears

When a person is lost in spiritual love
He is elevated and becomes like Bahu the poet
No one comes to harm under a dagger
But the arrow in an infant’s throat becomes the scale of justice
You are a puzzle

How carefree you are.
A long story you are
You are a puzzle

Inquiring about you cause confusion at Every step
I see discord between the circumstances and Ideas
I become a picture of distress
Whenever I see in the mirror of the world
I see so many contradictions in a single eye
I see one place divided into so many parts
Somewhere I see the autumnal smoke of hardship and somewhere I see the monsoon showers of blessing
ere I see hissing rivers and there silent Mountains
Here I see a forest, there I see a desert and somewhere else I see a garden
This style of division writhes me
I see some rich and some poor here
In Day’s share, I see only one sun shinning
While the night is bedecked with millions of stars
Here I see the withered flowers of truth
There I see the thorns of lies abloom
Somewhere I see Shamas skinned alive
Somewhere I see Sarmad’s head severed
What is night? What is morning?
What is light? What is darkness?
After all I’m also your deputy, why You say “what is yours?”
You are a puzzle

What would a person see of you?
You are veiled in every way
You are a puzzle

These mosques, temples and taverns
Some believe in this and some believe in that
All are your abodes dear,
Some believe in this and some believe in that
We are convinced of your Oneness
Someone leans towards negation
But You know the truth
Someone believes in this and someone believes in that
One includes him with the creation
The other stays aloof from all
Both are Your devotees
Some believe in this and some believe in that
If all are the devotees of your name
Then why the conflict of your names?
You are a puzzle

You are in every house of worship
You are in both the worlds wherever one is
You are there for him
In everywhere You are Unique
You are a puzzle

You are the centre of our quest, the world of colour and scent
You manifest all the time, You are Omnipresent
In Bahu’s surrounds there is only You
You are the beloved, very Handsome
You are the Glory and Honour of the Heavens
You are the gain of longings of the two worlds
You gave eyes and makes us perform ablution with the tears
Now give us a flask of your manifestation
Come out of the veil before me
For a short meeting and a conversation
Naaz will tell his beads place to place, street to street
Allah is one, He has no partner
Allahu, Allahu, Allahu………………….

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