Ashara 1439 ends like a dream

What made Karachi Ashara outstanding, was the general attitude of Mumineen there.

They treated mehmaan in the spirit of welcoming them as, Imam Husain’s zuwaar and Ali Qadr Maula’s TUS personal guests.

This attitude was the winning point.

Right from the word GO, small things mattered to mumineen.

We were treated like royals.

At the Airport, young boys rushed to pick up our luggage, offered us snacks with a warm smile, were apologetic if there were any delays. The message was, that “we are here to help you as best as we can.”

Mumineen who were hosted in houses, never felt as that they were strangers. They were treated like family or more than that.

All around there was courtesy and warmth.

No pushing or shouting or jumping queues.

The discomfort of heat or the slightly long distances, all faded away, because of this atmosphere of being one.

On the 11th of Muharram, the hosts went out of their way, to take their mehmaans, to treat them at breakfast with Halwa Puri & Nihari for breakfast.

Even for dinner, there were just Mumineen visible in all the restaurants that were open.

When we had dinner at Kaybees, one Mumin bhai had got approx 40 guests for dinner.

Someone in Haideri had organized a barbeque of 4 bakras for his guests.
As if this wasn’t enough, they gave hadiyas when we left & yet they kept on saying that they hadn’t done enough.

Of course the other big achievements are too many to be listed here.

The clean clean Saddar area & thousands of shops closed for the entire event, the top notch security, the zonal mawaids, the endless supply of water & snacks & tea. The BGI working round the clock.

Also the sweetness of Urdu & the unending hugs, just added to the whole feeling of being belonged.

Ashara ended like a dream.

Maula’s Bayaan Mubarak & the shanaat that Mumineen witnessed, I am too small a person to comment on.

*Idraak karvu na mumkin che.*

Bas, for me, I thought just sharing my viewpoint, would be my expression of heartfelt gratitude to the Mumineen of Pakistan and to all those who made it possible.

I feel, all this happens, because, we all are the children of Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS.

Mufaddal Maula may you live a thousand years and Maula Hamne aapna saathej hamesha raakhjo.

Shukran once again to Mumineen of Pakistan.

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