Ashara Mubarakah 1439 in Karachi – A Poem

The waking up early.
The waiting eagerly.
The rush we faced 24hours .

The fully packed house.
The chaos all around .
The airports were filled with all the bohras incoming.
The constant checking of ITS all around.
The happiness when you got the pass.
Aunty hati jao.
Bhen Bethi jao.
The sentence that was Repeated everyday.

From India to Africa to America. People from across the world came. To get that one deedar again.

One time salam is all I wished for.
One time qadambosi is all I dreamed of.
The heat ,
the rush,
the pain it was all worth it.
At Last it was the Ashara of 1439 .

In these 10 days I enhanced my knowledge from waaz , I never thought I could be blessed with.
I got blessed with things I never deserved.

Karachi glowed . Bohra community was known.
The Khidmat , the excitement it all came to an end. Now I can close my eyes with no regrets ahead.

One deedar Is all I needed to survive this worldly place.
One look and all my hardships had disappeared .
One tear drop is all I needed for my after. life.

Moula ek nazar is all we could say.
Ya Hussain , ya Hussain. This rythm of maatam ecoed In our ears.

It was the best Ashara I could’ve attend. Next time inshallah we all will experience the same adventure ahead.

Author Unknown

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