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Ashara Azm and the Khushi of Waliullah

August 26, 2015

Syedna al-Qadi Noman (RA) in his Kitaab of Daaim al-Islam Vol 2 has narrated a beautiful riwayat that fascinates me, and in it I find the aroma of Ikhlas, purity of intent and heart as well as the readiness to sacrifice all will and possessions for the mere khushi of Rasulallah (SA). No wonder Rasulallah […]

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#Drishyam – A thought behind the Story

August 5, 2015

A wonderfully written script that keeps hold of the audience till the last bit of the climax. The suspense is really catchy but each part of the story has something to tell. This is a one of those very few movies that I have loved watching and reflecting on its story rather than getting bored […]

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