#Drishyam – A thought behind the Story

A wonderfully written script that keeps hold of the audience till the last bit of the climax. The suspense is really catchy but each part of the story has something to tell. This is a one of those very few movies that I have loved watching and reflecting on its story rather than getting bored to hell or just feeling entertained.

Vijay (Ajay Devgan), whose schooling background was just below the Primary level and the suggestions made about it in the entire movie just reflected that today, education has simply become a business and that not all costly schools provide the best of teaching nor upbringing altogether while one can always be educated in the school of life and achieve the greatest of heights, becoming a good human being who cares for his family and the society on the whole. A person can always learn by his passion and earn a good living by doing the work that he or she likes.

The influence of cinema on real life is very well reflected in this movie when certain people tend of adapt the fiction into their own lives which might lead to problems. The visual/virtual world and living that moment, creates memories and mesmerizes the human mind in ways that is beyond imagination making people believe in what may not be true at all. The the effects of media are very well highlighted.

The story is a mix of drama, pushing physical and psychological limits of the human kind in the race for survival. It is not just a suspense movie but includes the touch of cultural values of the Indian Society as well.

Certain things that do hit hard on our own day to day lives in the story can be listed in a few sentences but may not be limited to it as well.

1. The closely knit Indian society and the family system that India enjoys are worth giving a thought. A person can go far beyond his human strengths to protect his family and for the well being of the society on the whole. These values of the Indian culture bring out the best in every person if followed accordingly. These values were reflected beautifully in the fear, the guilty conscience and the dilemma between right and wrong throughout the story within Vijay’s family or the Police circle itself during the investigations.

2. Education and upbringing are the responsibilities of parents and cannot be substituted by material wealth, expensive schools and/or caretakers or by any other means. Often this is being overlooked by the recent drive towards a capitalistic economy and career oriented schooling in India, while these do not represent the Indian values at all times.

3. Cell phone have become a nuisance and lost its touch in the purpose behind its creation. Children should be kept away from it at all times and its very important that parents and teacher as well as schools work alongside to keep children at a distance rather than promoting its prototypes like tablets for instance. The media has its own responsibility towards  the protection of individual privacy and thus securing human ideals.

4. The parent children relationship is built on trust and care. Children must be taught and brought up in such a way that they feel at ease with their parents in discussing each and every aspect of their lives while being assured that their parents would standby them in the most difficult situations as well.

5. A human can hardly live with guilt and therefore it is necessary to first learn to forgive ones own self and let go of ones fears. The fear of loss at times makes a person do unjust deeds resulting in tyranny while guilt prevents life from moving forwards. The past always needs to be buried where is can never be found even if its beneath ones own feet.

Anyone who would want to add to the above list of events in the story is welcomed to comment as I leave the post here incomplete.

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