Ashara Azm and the Khushi of Waliullah

Syedna al-Qadi Noman (RA) in his Kitaab of Daaim al-Islam Vol 2 has narrated a beautiful riwayat that fascinates me, and in it I find the aroma of Ikhlas, purity of intent and heart as well as the readiness to sacrifice all will and possessions for the mere khushi of Rasulallah (SA).

No wonder Rasulallah (SA) has been listed as the most influential persons throughout history apart from the spiritual aura to command obedience that he possesses. In a few years Islam emerged to be the most powerfully and widely accepted faith not because of the sword as most shallow minded and uninformed people claim, but because each word of the Prophet of Islam Mohammed al-Mustafa (SA) became a law for Muslims, a code of conduct and a way of life.

In the very first chapter in which Mumineen are encouraged to strive to earn livelihood, Syedna al-Qadi al-Noman relates a riwayat. Rasulallah SA passed by some traders who were called Samasera (middlemen) during those days. Rasulallah (SA) said that I do not call you all Samasera, rather I call you Tujjar (traders). A tajir is fajir, a person who commits immoral and foul actions; and a fajir is in hell fire. On hearing this from Rasulallah (SA), everyone shut down their businesses and shops and went away.

The next day when Rasulallah (SA) passed by, the market was closed. He saw no one. To this he inquired as to where everyone was. He was informed that the Muslimeen heard what he said and therefore shut down their businesses. Rasulallah (SA) said, Even today I say the same as yesterday, (that a fajir is in hell fire) except for those who are honest in their transactions.

The riwayat is so fascinating that if we ponder upon it, we can notice that Rasulallah (SA) did not tell the Muslimeen to shut down their businesses, but his mere word that trade could lead them to hell fire was taken so seriously that the market place was shut down entirely. Such were the people in obeying the Messenger of Allah. There was no room for a second thought or consideration in their souls except that they had to seek his happiness.

It is a rare thought, but many still ponder on asking for a leave or closing their businesses for Ashara Mubarakah for attending the majalis and waaz before time. Everything is secondary to people who are still in the consideration mode, to the mere concept that the requisites of Mohabbat and Walayat for Rasulallah (SA), his Itrat Taherah (AS), and  Dai al-Zaman Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) is, that their happiness be sought. The farman of Aqa Maula (TUS) be obeyed and there is no other priority greater than that.

In light of the riwayat above where Muslimeen sacrificed everything just to the happiness of Rasulallah (SA) where there was no farman to shut down worldly affairs it is indeed a thought provoking stand for every Mumin to weigh his own position in mohabbat for Imam Husain (AS) and his Dai. Whereas Maulana al-Muqaddas (TUS) and Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) have done farman that it is compulsory on every Mumin to attend Ashara Mubarakah from the first waaz onwards on time.

For us there is no looking back. Labbaik Ya Husain, Labbaik Ya Daiyallah! Our pledge is to our souls and to the requisite of our mohabbat for our Maula (TUS). Have you done your pledge?

May Allah Subhanahu bless our beloved Maula Syedna Abu Jafarus Sadiq Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) a long life for the buka and matam of Imam Husain (AS). Ameen

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