Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art

It has just been a few months since the launch of Google’s Social Media Service, the widely talked about Google+ and just a few days since its launch of Brand Pages.

Google has tried and tried again to plunge into the social media business to get a scope of it highly lucrative and viral reach but has withdrawn most of its products after the much enthusiasm with which it was launched was never met. Google Wave was withdrawn from the product line and so is Buzz being turned down in a few weeks time.

Google does have to understand that FaceBook has already done its trial and error thing and understands the user’s needs from its age and learn from the trends set by such a successful venture, from its pros and cons, rather then build from scratch and then keep people waiting for the most needed features yet to come. The wait turning tiring and the enthusiasm fading out.

What Google simply lacks is its integrity with existing social networking media. Google+ would have rocked if it were to have feeds from twitter and facebook, from multiple accounts off-course. Better and tighter privacy options and since Google+ does not allow profile pages for Businesses and in turn has launched pages, they should have focused on allowing people to reserve their brands in the URL rather then having to ask then to remember some funky digits.

I recently plunged into the pages thing to get pages reserved for the organizations I am associated with and then kept wondering as to how I could add other contributors and admins to those pages on Google+. At the end of the day I realized they are still working on it. Its quite simple, can’t they learn from FaceBook that this is supposed to be a basic function for a page that represents an organization or a business entity or does Google+ seem to have a single employee, LOL.

The entire game about so many people running into, what I would call, an immature network, is the mere fact that googleplus accounts tend to get listed on google’s search engine faster then a facebook one, but what about other search engines like Bing. Let’s face it Google is still number one and synonymous when it comes to Search Engines.

It needs a lot of patience to educate people on new tools and time is scarce when it comes to the speed of the Internet, so lets wait and watch what how rapidly Google+ makes its way to into the Social Media.

As for the short URL I did manage to get an easy to remember URL for all my Google+ pages as well as my profile.

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