Google Apps Transition

Google Apps has announced that all the google services will now be available for google apps users just like any other google account. Everything works fine and data is also not lost if suppose you already had a sign-in to any other google services with your google app email. The problems is not the data it is the association of a google id or account to the data. That is, once the google app account is transitioned and someone signs in to, for example, webmaster tools central or analytics, they will be prompted to transition their existing data to another NEW gmail or google account OR a third party email account. The most weird thing I faced was that for each service I had to enter a new email address because existing google accounts were not allowed.

The steps are really making it hard for some people to remember multiple accounts and use them for different purposes and making the task of transition harder. I think google should find a solution to this as most of our users have been transitioned except a few due to conflict. The weird thing about the whole game is that each google tool has its own way of looking at things, feedburner is different, adsense and adwords both work differently when it comes to account sign-in and so does webmaster tools central and analytics, while blogger has its own way around as well.

There is a lot of reading and helping tutorial on google but it took me almost an hour to figure out my problem with the adwords account, even then it was only solved by a support request to google and I must say they are fast.

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