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Life and Money

July 27, 2010

Money is everything; that no one will deny though some will disagree. But money could be nothing, or at least become meaningless, to a person if he or she  does not observe and understand the following 6 Principles of Life on Money. Six Principles Of Life On Money 1. No point using limited life to […]

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Facebook and Privacy Matters

July 27, 2010

With the growth of people hanging on facebook, the diversity of its users and the rise in cyber crime people should be aware of the threats of identity theft. Identity theft is not to be taken by granted and should be understood by everyone out there on the internet. It is never too early to teach your children about this serious matter as well.

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Business Ideas and Hurdles

July 26, 2010

Almost all business ideas are great and can be prosperous if the idea is properly implemented. It takes a lot of planning and executive work to have the popped up business idea to succeed. People wonder all the time and think that of America. The American dream is a pursue of many people all over […]

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The eve of 15th Shaban

July 25, 2010

(The following is a rendition of the words of Al-Dail ajal Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (tus) from the Zikra majlis of 1415H): Kumail bin Ziyaad al-Nakha`ii (r.a.) relates: One day I was seated before my aqa Amirul Mumineen (s.a.), with us were his as-haab – we were gathered in the masjid of Basara. Somone asked, “O’ […]

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