Facebook and Privacy Matters

Socializing websites are gems in terms of marketing and building your brand and so is facebook. With more then 4 Million or so users, facebook can remarkably turn you into a celebrity.

With the growth of people hanging on facebook, the diversity of its users and the rise in cyber crime people should be aware of the threats of identity theft. Identity theft is not to be taken by granted and should be understood by everyone out there on the internet. It is never too early to teach your children about this serious matter as well.

Remember when people openly start sharing their relations, their emotions and their personal details such as phone numbers and addresses they are revealing their real life to almost everyone on the internet. That is billions of people and billions of unknown minds and thoughts to expose yourself to. Its like the Indian saying “Aa bail mujhe maar”, you ask the bull to come and horn you.

Remember when you join any socializing website and especially facebook always take time to fine tune your privacy settings. What you want the world to see and what you want your friends and other groups to see. You can also also have a custom setting to allow only specific to certain details. Some most important things that need to be kept a tight watch on are:

1. Date and Place of Birth

2. Relationships

3. Private Photos that reveal your address and personal details

4. Never ever give out your credit card number

5. Be choosy about revealing your School and Education details. (Remember most of your school mates already know about it)

6. Email addresses, IMs, Phone Numbers and Addresses need to be kept a strict watch on. Mostly our friends know these and if they don’t and are i=on your Facebook they will ask you.

7. Be very careful about allowing access to applications as they have access to your profile. At times it may seem fun but you are revealing everything about yourself.

8. Never delete your accounts on any socializing site. Head Hunters can pose as you.

9. Be careful about your emotions and do not be cyber sentimental.

10. Enjoy and build good relations. Keep a watch on your friends list and if you do not have someone like the Big B on it, keep it private.

Here is an article from Times of India that might be of interest to all.

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