Business Ideas and Hurdles

Almost all business ideas are great and can be prosperous if the idea is properly implemented. It takes a lot of planning and executive work to have the popped up business idea to succeed.
People wonder all the time and think that of America. The American dream is a pursue of many people all over the world. It is the freedom in its economy through which people can grow to higher level both financially and personally. Yes, there may be many that never live a full life even in America, but for those who have a good idea and the perseverance to chase it do succeed at least financially at some level or other. The American dream is nothing but the freedom to grow.
Living in the UAE, I have witnessed that most people who have good business ideas that actually also add to the growth of the country and its people may also be stopped by the several blockades of sponsorship and so on. Simple things  create blockades in the way of growth and create a very non-competitive environment all over. The place has become a safe haven for capitalists but the young entrepreneurs can seldom make it to the top.

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