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New Year – Hijri 1427

January 30, 2006

New Year has arrived and has shadowed us with enormous bounties especially the barakaat of live audioviz relay of Aqa Moula (TUS)’s first waaz mubarak. We wish you all heartiest mubarakbadi on the auspicious occasion. The year is starting with the deedar of our beloved Moula (TUS) and lets all pray that it remains the […]

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Preps for the Satellite Relay on Tuesday

January 29, 2006

It was almost after zawal that I recieved a phone call from Janab Qusai BS, our Amil Saheb, that Huzurala (TUS) has with karam given raza for Audio Video relay of the first waaz. I was at carrefour with my wife and kid and I didnt know what to say for a few minutes. My […]

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Ashara 1427 in UAE

January 26, 2006

Well, at last the wait is over and I was told from Mumbai that I won’t b getting a moze any more. All Ummal are at their own mowaze and also other Qasre Aali and Asateza will be going for khidmat. I knew that chances were dim but still was trying my best. I thought […]

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Use what talent you possess – the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best

January 23, 2006

Henry Van’s words make me think that I should try my best to prepare for doing the waaz if I was to be granted the moze. The words give me light as I start preparing myself for the azeem khidmat. I will start picking up and looking at awraaq and kitabs from tonight as soon […]

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