Ashara 1427 in UAE

Well, at last the wait is over and I was told from Mumbai that I won’t b getting a moze any more. All Ummal are at their own mowaze and also other Qasre Aali and Asateza will be going for khidmat. I knew that chances were dim but still was trying my best. I thought that I could go for khidmat this year coz from next year again it would be with Moula (TUS).

Well, what ever happens is for the better but I was really very much depressed in the beginning that with all heart I wanted to go for khidmat and had made up my mind but didnt get a chance.

I am thinking of trying to write more for DBNet in line to Ashara, might it give me the sawab of khidmat I long wished to perform.

Shz Aliasger BS Kalimuddin will be coming to Dubai and I am quite happy knowing that will get more barakaat of Sabaq on the hands of Shz Saheb. Lets see how everything turns out. I want to go to Dubai for listening waaz also.