Preps for the Satellite Relay on Tuesday

It was almost after zawal that I recieved a phone call from Janab Qusai BS, our Amil Saheb, that Huzurala (TUS) has with karam given raza for Audio Video relay of the first waaz. I was at carrefour with my wife and kid and I didnt know what to say for a few minutes. My heart began to pound in happiness and I seemed as if I was in the floating on air. I snapped myself ot of it to reply to Janab but the happiness just could not be held back.

I kept offering sajadaat as we proceeded home. We were to meet at night after magrib namaaz for fine tunning all audio and other related equipment for Ashara but this was yet an addtional joy. We had recieved our 12ft x 10ft Da-Lite rear projection screen a few days back and it was ready for its first debut.

As soon as we were over with the equipment in the control room and had set-up the reciever, the camera controllers, the DVD-R, the amplifiers and other stuff we began the task of fixing the gigantic fast-flod screen. It was the first time we had fixed one and obviously it was to take time, 2 hours. It was ready and all set for the relay. Some more work is pending and we will be on it tommorrow, Insha’allah.

I am personally grateful to Qusai BS for his support to the IT Committee which will prove its worth as time goes by. We are all here for khidmat and as the bohras believe and practice, it is our Moula’s nazaraat that gives us strength. That why most of the bohras believe in community service and the benefit of the human race on the whole.

I do hope that more and more waaz will be relayed, Insha’allah.