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The rain made our day.

December 2, 2006

It has been sometime since I have been blogging. There have been many events during the past few months which has kept me busy and busy. I have been observing a lot during these days and studying different prospects which I think will change my lifestyle in the comming days. Well, here is the latest. […]

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Are we the Chosen ones? – By Ali Al-Baghli

November 14, 2006

Dr. Ali Al-Baghli, Former Minister of Oil, Kuwait, and supporter of the Dawoodi Bohras, once again comes to the rescue of Bohras by expressing his opinion in the column in ARAB TIMES, Kuwait’s leading newspaper. Please click on the URL below to know more… By Mr. Ali Al-Baghli, Former Minister of Oil, Kuwait. ONE can […]

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Barakaat of Wajebaat in Shehrullah

October 7, 2006

As Shehrullah approached daddy told me that they were going for wajebat araz to Hasanfeer and Aliasger was to join them. I thought of asking Qusai bs about myself as well. The amount was too small to be counted but karam is the word I would utter as I was told that I could go […]

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Shehrullah – The days of piety have arrived

September 23, 2006

The Month of Ramadan is known as Shehrullahil Moazzam meaning the glorified month of Allah. These days Muslims around the world observe fasts day long and engross themselves in Ibadat. The hearts and eyes weep in repentence of past sins and the body parts tire themselves in seeking the mercy of Allah by offering namaaz, […]

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