The rain made our day.

It has been sometime since I have been blogging. There have been many events during the past few months which has kept me busy and busy. I have been observing a lot during these days and studying different prospects which I think will change my lifestyle in the comming days.

Well, here is the latest. It was 2nd of December the National Day of UAE and we had arranged a picnic for the IT Committee. We folks have been knowing each other since sometime and have been offering our khidmat to the community, that’s what had brought all of us together, apart for the love for microchips.

Well the picnic was arranged but just a few attended and it was a family picnic on the whole. We had prepared ourselves for the Mushrif Park in Dubai and we were in for a surprise when I woke in the morning. It was pouring cats and dogs and it was certain that the streets had been flooded. Finally, it was courtious of Yusuf bhai Sandalwala to take the lead and call the gathering at his place. Most of us were lucky enough to reach till noon as a result of the flooding streets.

We had lunch and just gossiped the whole day. We kept talking on various topics and the hotest of all was traffic and rents. Well, atleast thats the most discussed topic anywhere in the UAE.

Did I forget something, malida, well Mohammed bhai Sherawala was in for a big surprise and I am sure he wont forget it and make a point of coming on time.

The climate was cool and rain kept pouring but in the evening when it calmed a bit we took the opportunity and started the fire. It was time for coal and smoke for filling the not so hungry stomach. But the Kababs were excellent and so was the chicken. That was a great day after all.