Barakaat of Wajebaat in Shehrullah

As Shehrullah approached daddy told me that they were going for wajebat araz to Hasanfeer and Aliasger was to join them. I thought of asking Qusai bs about myself as well. The amount was too small to be counted but karam is the word I would utter as I was told that I could go alone and not join my family. We had prepared to leave on the 1st night itself and the farman arrived that no one come to Hasanfir if their rozas are missed due to hadd al-qasr.

It was on the 9th that Qusai bs called me and said that you should leave immediately. He said that Qutbuddin bhai Virpurwala (Daruwala) was arranging for the tickets. Soon I was told that we were to leave the next day itself in an Indian Airlines flight directly to Ahmedabad.

We reached Ahmedabad on the 11th of Shehruallah, Tuesday. A group of 6 including myslef, Qutub bhai, Abdul Husain bhai, Juzer bhai Kagalwala and his daughter and Idris bhai Janoowala. A car was arranged by Juzer bhai to pick us from the airport. We went to the roza, did ziyarat and left immediately for Hasanfir.

As and when we reached we were in a dilemma weather to return to Ahmedabad or stay at Hasanfir or go somewhere else for the night, Sidhpur perhaps. When we were told that Saylawi was close-by. After completing the wajebat formalities and getting our cards, offering the gongas, as Idris bhai terms it, we all were pretty calm except for him. He was in a fix, as he did not get the cards for he had come without informing Yunus Bs. After offering our first namaz of Shehrullah with Huzurala (TUS) we left for Selavi, we freshened up and dumped our luggage and returned to Hasanfir for Maghrib Isha Namaaz. Idris bhi was in Hasanfir as we made the trip. After namaaz we returned to Selavi. The gonga talk was all over and the name came into existence.

Wednesday, 12th of Shehrullah was the big day. We started early at 7 to reach Hasanfir from Selavi (Mazar of Mowlai Noor Bhai Saheb). We were early and the nizaam was very nice. Within an hour of Maula’s arrival we were finished with Qadambodi. Huzurala (TUS) blessed me with nazar and dua as I did Qadambosi and araz was done by Yunus BS that I was a moallim. A Shawl was given in Tashreef by Maula (TUS) and we were all relaxed and calm that our wishes had been fulfilled. After Zohr/Asr Namaaz we returned to Selavi, did ziyarat in Dhinoj en-route to Ahmedabad. On the way we had quails for dinner.

It was scorching in Ahmedabad as we reached late at night. We had to go to a hotel which was not a luxury at all, except for the A/C. The next day we took the domestic flight to Mumbai and we decided to leave for Pune with Qutub bhai. We reached Pune quite late. Had dinner in a restaurant and slept the night at Qutub bhai’s inlaws. He was quite a host. We enjoyed every bit of the trip thanks to him.

We returned from Mumbai to Sharjah Int’l Airport on the 6th of October 15th of Shehre Ramadan with barakaat of Qadambosi, dua mubarak of Aqamawla (TUS), namaaz, ziyarat Duat Kiram in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Hudud Fozola in Selavi, Dinoj and Pune.

May Allah bless our beloved Mawla (TUS) with a long life in sehat and afiyat. Ameen