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Double Standards

November 27, 2005

Most of us have experianced people playing double standards in life and we often do it ourselves. The govenment has policies set that are different for the rich, famous and influencial while the poor and underpreveleged suffer from mistreatment and discrimination. My father always says that this world is a bag of kajal (Some black […]

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The Quality of Service that ecompany (EIM) offers

November 14, 2005

I have applied for alshamil services on the 20th of September via telephone, their toll free number or any other and have enquired about my application status hunderds of times during the past 2 months but to my astonishement no one exactly knows what is the problem and no one can tell when I will […]

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Eid al-Fitr Wallpaper

November 6, 2005

Courtesy: Al Masarr Computers, Surat

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