The Quality of Service that ecompany (EIM) offers

I have applied for alshamil services on the 20th of September via telephone, their toll free number or any other and have enquired about my application status hunderds of times during the past 2 months but to my astonishement no one exactly knows what is the problem and no one can tell when I will get the connection. I am a regular customer of EIM paying monthly bills upto 200 Dhs at an average. The most common answer I get is that there are too many applications. If EIM staff cannot handle additional requests you should consider employing more personale. Even in places like India and pakistan it would not take so long as 2 months and no connectivity.

This is very serious and needs to be considered by the EIM management as it shows the quality of service they render to their clients.

One more frequent happening I witnessed when I contact the help desk it that each support person tosses the phone to someone else with waiting times raising upto 45 minutes at times. Is this the quality support and sevice that EIM is dedicated to?

If anyone is curious about my residential address and thinking it might be in some remote location, then I would like to point out that I live 2 KM away from the Etisalat main office in Sharjah in Maysaloon. And hardly 500 Mtr if we were to count the distance as the crow flies. I think UAE needs competition so that consumers see value for money.