What is Malumaat???

Literary it means information. Information about what you may say? Well as its name suggests and as it activities declare loudly it is a “one stop” shop for advertisements and “show-offs”. A news media? exactly what I was going to tell you. A news agency for the bohra community I may say. an agency on the net but is it helpful to the society of the bohras or the community?

I may sound to be be offensive on this, but then are any of those news agencies really helpful? I guess CNN is just another terror plot by the US. A plot to terrorize people with its policy of frightening people of the bullies called Osama, Saddam, or any XYZ person whom the bush administration wants to get rid of.

Malumaat is show biz and glamor for the Rasheed family a nice bunch of Khidmat Guzaars whom I truly admire from the deepest of my heart. You might think I am a double faced pig but no, don’t you guys read their disclaimer which says we are not responsible for any incorrect information on their so called “One Stop” portal?? Don’t the hundreds of subscribers to their mailing list ever see them state “We are not responsible for the comments posted herein” Whatever, I am close to it though not exact wordings. I have a suggestion for everyone, go home and think “Why the hell is the MALUMAAT group moderated if the moderator is not responsible for the post??“. Also ask yourself loudly “What is the criteria set forth by the moderators of malumaat for a post to be allowed or rejected?? Why should a moderator edit my message before letting it through, if he is not willing to accept the responsibility of the post anyway???”

Dudes just think how can a one stop portal operate without any policy being laid out or any “Terms of USE” mentioned out clearly??” When you oppose something wrong you are bullied and banned from the group rather than a proper response. And stuff like “masalla” space and other stuff are discussed as bait and ammo for the progressives and supportors of the lanati engineer to thrive on. Shikaar pics are displayed for the world to show that we are no good eco-friendly “Show-Offs”. Sorry for the harsh words but I hate to read or listen something badly expressed about my love and passion. The one-angel on earth. And that too for some dumb one-stop idiots’ parade.

There are 2 things I have learned in my life of Khidmat from the most prominent and highly respected khidmat guzaars of the community and Dawat, not to mention the Rashid head Shk Ibrahim bhai himself, you ought to do khidmat with “josh” combined with full “hosh”.

Well then wny are you guys voting it No.1 at ranking.com. I have no idea. I guess I am stupid and the rest of the world is full of intelligent beings.

There is a lot to say but let me leave it for the commentators too. Ah, one more thing I have a suggestion for all, why not find the “only portal” for the community and by the community which follows certain prescribed rules and enjoys working for the Bohra community as a whole. I know those guys but won’t mention my biased opinion. Better do a research yourself. Good pictures, and quantity of pictures is ruled out for decision making.

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