Desire and Despair

In every heart there burns a desire to which it cling

which brings about in waves sorrow and despair

like a sword hung above the chest by a piece of string
it pierces the heart every time it tries to stand
stubbornly clutching its place, it refuses to budge.

It finds its way into every train of thought

tearing apart all that dares to cross its path:
goals, ambitions, standpoints, stray thoughts; nothing escapes its wrath.
It races through the mind in a storm of grief and pain,
with it a torrent of emotions and tears travel

on a path of Despair and Desire

the former, a wound which makes it bleed to the verge of breaking down
while the latter stitches the wound with threads of hope.

A Poem by Mohammed Sh Juzar Bhai Noorani

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