Imtehan of Al Jamea TUS Saifiyah – A Season of Learning

Mausam imtihaan al sanawi in Al Jamea tus Saifiyah, Surat. The tradition of asking questions to know the answers.

Imtihaan of Al Jamea tus Saifiyah opens doors of learning and wisdom for Mumineen.

It is also a time to know the importance of learning to ask the right question. Its everyone’s dream to come and see Jamea;

Ek Aas Lagaye Betha Hon.
Ek Bar bas “Jamea” Dekhun Main.

Surat Ki ye ilmi fizaon Main.
Ek Bar To Jeena Dekhun Main.

Pyasa Hun Aab-e-Kousar Ka.
Ek Bar To Peena Dekhun Main.

Phir Chahe Hosh Gawa Bethon.
Bus Ek Baar “Ye Imtihaan” Dekhun Mein.

In Al Jamea, learning and education usually focus on providing answers, not on the questions themselves.
The most significant informations come from asking interesting questions.

The right questions will lead a talabat to knowledge that extends well beyond the frontier of what he previously knew. The better the questions, the more extensive the explorations and the more profound the discoveries.

Questions come in so many hues and colour. Like, what makes you wonder about the universe and the whole creation? Who do you want to become? What questions do you have about Islam? Questions about its ethics and etiquette, its fiqeh and adab, its history and philosophy, architecture and urbanization, as well as Islamic economics and commerce or anything else? You can also ask whether intelligent talabat also learn vocational courses in Jamea, like first aid, culinary art. Do they visit gyms and sports’ fields and swimming pools regularly in Jamea.

There are questions relating to Fine Arts, and art of speaking and whether great languages could be integrated into a major syllabus.
Today there are magnificent works of inspiring art placed across the campus; in Ewan al Barkaat, in al Masjid al Fatemi, in Mahad al Zahra. In fact there are displays of art and photographs all around.
This month; Rajab al Asab is the miqaat of al Imtehan al Sanawi in al-Jamea. The. 20th of Rajab is the day when Al Jamea extends an invitation to all Mumineen to come to discover what Jamea stands for. With more than 50 programs and hands-on experiences that showcase all of the amazing research and scholarship happening in the world, there are activities, exhibits, lectures, asbaaq and workshops appropriate for Mumineen of all ages.

Al Jamea tus Saifiyah provides the world’s excellent system of learning and examination, with the perfect environment. For instance, there are information about the history of Al Jame Anwar, in Al Moezziyat al Qahera, and about the activities and history of Al Jamea tus Saifiyah etc. When you finish exploring all of these and other related questions, you will have explored those avenues in learning and experience that were little known to you before.

These amazing activities and achievements during al Imtehan have changed our world. The Arabic academies, Al Jamea tus Saifiyah, across the globe have also been built to explore more personal questions that students everywhere in colleges and schools ask: like, Who do I want to be? How can I become that person? How much is there to learn?

In the mausam al Imtehan, Mumineen come learn about these and other questions as they broaden their horizons and imagination about the concept of ilm Ale Mohammed SAW
and about Khidmat of our Maulana Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS and the Khidmat of Dawat. The better the individual questions, the better the odds they will be able to realize all of their dreams and ambitions. And that makes such personal questions the most important of all.

The best learning happens when we ask the best questions. Al Jamea tus Saifiyah is a world-class university that is specifically built to help Mumineen, especially Abnaul Jamea explore their most significant questions of Deen, and the challenges they face in this ever changing world infested with media and technology. Al Jamea on this occasion of al Imtehan al Sanawi, (the annual examination season), opens its doors for you, come and explore your questions because you never know what may change the world and how these changes will influence your thinking and ultimately will impact your life.

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