The Irony of formal paper work

In India we have the government of Modi and its previous government claim moving towards digitization, yet there is lack of understanding for the need of unnecessary mobilization of resources and paper work involved in any process that needs to be taken up with the government.I look at it with a different perspective. I see the environmental dangers involved in increased used of paper work, filing and storing it by an ever expanding population. People in India lack decent shelter while our documents are stacked in an ever growing and dirt filing buildings or somewhere on the table of bureaucrats.

Recently I had to visit the Indian Consulate for some passport work that needed to be handled. The height of paper work that needs to be done is exhausting in a digital age. My passport and my spouse have the our names each mentioned in the spouse section and so do the passports of our children mention our names as parents yet a need arises for us to prove our marriage after more than a decade to the same government that has acknowledged it in its documents and provide legal translation for the same. Thus consuming time day in and day out with an additional burden on the pocket.

This not being enough they need a birth certificate doubting the passport that mentions the birth details in it. Some legal procedures simply prefer living in an ostrich hole rather than bending backwards to get people at ease. When are we ever going to be a developing nation which does not have its own government affairs in place. It is an irony I believe.

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