The Law – Just or Unjust and Media Projections

There have been certain allegations by the Media as usual to gain better ratings and profits either out of paid content publishing or advertisements. Such allegations are generally everyday news to sensationalize any issue but the irony is that the mass sometimes consider the information therein as encyclopedic. The Dawoodi Bohra Community is made up of law abiding citizens with a literacy rate of 100% all over the globe. The Bohra leadership has been elected for the Chancellorship of the Aligarh Muslim University for three generations and awarded several honorary degrees by prestigious institutes of learning as well as civilian honors by several nations as well, for contributions towards the community and humanity on the whole.

It is historical that anti-social element provoke unhealthy discussions and portray incorrect images to create incorrect illusions using the profit hungry media mechanism to tarnish communities and its leadership for reasons better known to them. Recently such elements have taken up the issue of FGM to tarnish the well disciplined community of the Dawoodi Bohras. Often the Bohras do not retaliate to such allegations nor do they deem it necessary. The said issue has been raised to such an extent that it is being published by newspapers every now and then through paid content and therefore a Dawoodi Bohra, who is an example of Bohra Women empowerment, has blogged about the issue and is worth the read. These my Words by a Dawoodi Bohra.

Some more insight US doctors suggest ‘nicking’ as FGM compromise. Apparently nicking may not be considered FGM, finally making sense. Also watch BBC Hardtalk

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