Airlift – The Ignored Character, the Self Proclaimed Savior

The movie is a good one especially for those who have had the experience of living in the gulf during those days when Saddam had invaded Kuwait and the US Desert Shield was created which later turned into the Desert Storm. It were those childhood days when I remember being glued CNN, packing windows and doors and what not in fear of the might draconian scuds of the Iraqi leadershi. The US operated channel CNN had created enough fear in the hearts of the residents of the gulf that people always seemed to be at risk while the Kuwaiti refugees seemed to be on a long government sponsored vacation although the devastation in Kuwait was tremendous and war crimes did effect thousands of lives. The movie did bring back the lost memories at least so that it can be told to the generation of today just like its narrated in the movie, till yesterday I used to watch the news today we have become the news!

The Character of Ranjit Katiyal played by Akshay maybe at the center of the entire movie with his tiresome efforts and good intent to save the hundreds of thousands of fellow Indian but there is a character in the movie that is brought up time and again. Mr. George the staunch critic of everything and anything he sees, hears, feels or even just gets a random thought on. While Katiyal is depicted to have inborn leadership qualities and rational thinking capabilities, just like any other human being has ups and downs in his morale to the extent that he even gets hurt with by taunts of our self proclaimed master of discipline. George the Critic would often taunt Katiyal as being the self proclaimed leader or boss who should be responsible for all the mishaps that take place in the life of each individual or let everyone rot in their own rat holes but Katiyal never claims to be the boss.

The media today takes up the character of George as well has a magnet for gathering his types to criticize each and every person. Basically the types of George often call themselves social activists or social workers in a community in any circle they try to fit into. At times the community often ignores these people but they project themselves as the Messiah of the people who are supposed to have been self burdened by the task of reforming the situation or bragging about the discipline of the system that they often know nothing about, or rather have superficial knowledge of the same. These saviors of mankind and humanity claim to have a rationale thinking for everything they find not to be in place and project that they have a solution for every situation in the world and would try to feed the carnivore hay to protect the herbivore from the torture of being  hunted down in return bringing justice to the ecosystem. The media in turn projects these saviors of humanity so that they could attract more fools to comment of the injustice of the entire universe and all its systems and thus earn some quick bucks.

I have been wondering what can be called rational thinking?? Saddam killing hundreds of people to save his back while leading his people to prosperity or toppling Saddam and hanging him by a trial some see as unjust while others just in leading the country into chaos leaving nearly a million dead while Iraq becoming a breading ground for the IS. Where is the Justification and where are the saviors of humanity?

So before getting your pen out to comment on any self proclaimed messiah’s work to undermine a community or any leader just do some research and do some analysis yourself, and even then better not join hands with George to undermine the effort of true leaders.

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