Blogging for a living

It is something like Eating for living. Some people really live to eat while a very few just do the opposite. Blogging the is pretty much fun when you know that there are people somewhere on the planet who are eager to read all the thinking aloud that is being done at the other corner of the world. With zillions of blogs out there the chances of a genuine viewership and a fan club get dimmer to somewhere between a few to nearly nothing. And what would one get anyway from a blog that would really earn you a coffee is a big question pushing further away the thought of earning a living.

I have always concluded and thought of myself writing blah blah blah occurring in my tiny little brain just for the passion of hitting the keys on the laptop and the passion for the feeling that I do have a huge readership somewhere. The mere thought of someone agreeing to your views and reading all the bakwas one has to write, at times even meaningless helps you feel the satisfaction of being a person who has the power of words in within his pen. Ever since childhood I have been fascinated by the thought of having a Penpal and have tried to have a few during my teens but the idea never got its way through the ages due to the pain of traditional posts apart from the fun I had collecting stamps.

Today I could simply define my love for having a blog, though it takes up much of the time wasted behind technical stuff, as being an open letter to any Penpal who would be interested in reading all the popups of my mind and I do eagerly wait for a reply as a comment which when never seen often discourages further writing.

Blogging for a living may not mean earning the bread for me but it can be read as a good opportunity to live the passion of life at times writing lucid views and thoughts that may even be meaningless at times.

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