Sozo Water Park Lahore

The Sozo water park is a economical way to thrill yourself in a water park in Lahore. The tickets are cheap with enough water rides to enjoy a decent few hours.
Thought the park is not quite well maintained and it does need some eye into safety features but it does keep you busy with a little watching out yourself. There are small pools for children and a total separate area for ladies as well.
The Water Slides are cement made and I would avoid going up for a second time. However there are other rides that do cover up for it.
Cleanliness is average on the better side though it needs a lot of attention as well. On the other hand the park authorities could restrict food areas and bringing in outside food to maintain proper hygiene as well.
The Water Park also has a theme park in it with free rides for the family.
The season was quite good, cloudy with very slow showers and droplets of rain. Over all its quite fun. After all what can one expect from a few hundred rupees only.
There is the Jallo Forest Park nearby that can be visited if time permits.

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