Fritto at Shadman in Lahore: Review

Not being a food lover it is not that easy to write a review for restaurants in any ways but it does help people who are looking for choices to dine out at a decent place with good food and a little lighter on the pocket as well.

Fritto at Shadman in Lahore, their website seems to be down but they do have a facebook page, is a place that my we had wanted to explore since quite some time but for some reason or other it just skipped. Being the festive season of Eid al-Fitr as well as a Sunday we had expected a bit of a rush but on visiting the place we did not find any as such. Probably the time was right, that is, around 8:30pm. The environment was not that good as compared to other fast food places we have visited here in Lahore. A nice table was a bit hard to find provided the AC would be functional at nearby.

Coming to the food, the Salad Bar was of no match compared to that of Pizza Hut but the Pizza we ordered, the Peri Peri Chicken Pizza, was a wonderful delight. The Mini Bucket was also fine and had a good taste. A 13″ Pizza is between Rs. 899 and Rs. 950 depending on the flavor you may choose while all other things on the menu had a reasonable price tag. Would we return to the place? Most likely, Yes, just for the Pizza or we might prefer a home delivery since the dinning environment did not seem all appealing.

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