Pulled towards the past

We humans have the tendency to go back into time and again with our eyes set back to the future. We always try to find out what went wrong instead of what happened right as we leap forward into a time that has probably always been still as we move. The ticking of the clock is never a a movement of time rather than the moving hands on the dial. The past that we try to leave behind pulls us towards it to rectify the mistakes we did but the best part of all would be to understand not the mistakes but the positive moves that we took regardless of the mistakes leading us to a better today and perhaps building a better foundation for the today of the future. Staying still doing nothing cannot stop us from moving into time but the choices that we make can better our pace and even change our course to a brighter destination.

That does not mean that the stage we are at in this very moment of time is not better. No matter what the circumstances and the situation the station at which each of us stands in this very moment of time is the best of its kind if we dare to understand. So do many trainers coach their trainees to live in the very moment of time but then at some extent or the other fall behind in showing that time.

Therefore it is basically each individuals task as to how he or she perceive the “moment” as and lives it to the fullest. I keep my thoughts and thinking open….

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