Social Responsibility of Restaurants

The social responsibility or should I say a moral one of any commercial or non-commercial house providing food to anyone is to look at the aspects of health of those that they serve. Earning a profit is in no way a devilish act of any business but to undermine the the wellfare of the society and that of life for the soul purpose of making those extra dimes and pennies is in no way acceptable.
Al Farooj Fresh is a fast food franchise similar to the KFC in product and price. The main branch of this franchise was probably in Sharjah where I used to dine and love the food. It was less oily and served Arabic bread freshly baked in the oven.
The branch suddenly closed down and since then I still search for a place where those freshly baked arabic breads are served.
My latest visit to Al Farooj Fresh was at an outlet at the Emarat Petrol Station on Sharjah Beach. The order was my regular one but the food and the way it was served ruined my dinner.
There were only 2 plates they didn’t have any extra nor did they have any disposables. How do they expect someone to eat without proper plates. No spoons even.
The food extremely oily with so much skin and breadcrumbs dipped in oil that it would make anyone sick. The photo below shows the oily skin that we just had to throw away. What a waste of resources and bad for health approach.


I rest my case voting this as bad customer service.

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