The hardest trial of all…

Humans have the tendency to weep and complain about petty things. When we humans have tons of work we complain being buried under its load, when we have lots of money we complain of not having enough time to spend it, when we have enough time to spare we lack the health that stops us from enjoying it. So what is this in human life I keep wondering. Life is a journey most saints and philosophers tell us, not a destination and we keep on moving as minutes turn to hours and hours turn to days and finally it seems that decades have passed by and the sand of time has slipped from our hands leaving nothing to rejoice at. But then there are those who keep telling us to think and act positively to fill our journey with happiness as we pass by the different scenic panoramas of life filled with various colors, some of happiness and joy while a few of sadness and loss.

The hardest trial of all is the long wait that life brings upon us day after day and time after time, the wait to be finally happy but does it ever happen. The blissful happiness for some simply lies in the heavens promised to us by our ancestors and can never be experienced in the material life. While some believe that all the talk of the heavens is simply a fairy tale for grownups. A very few are those who believe that the path to the blissful life of heaven is indeed a track of joy in itself for if there was a heaven then it could not be surrounded by the walls of sorrow and guilt nor can a beautiful place of eternal contentment be engulfed with greed and never ending hunger to have more. The trial of passing over this road is a long wait in itself, probably, a wait where one can enjoy every relaxing moment and that would lead to eternal growth or a never ending wait to get to the heaven that is already there both in this life and the hereafter. The journey of life is a trial with many long layovers which at times makes us believe we might have just reached the destination or drain the energy out of most of us never knowing which way to head.

A thought pops up as I write this, the entire universe, the cosmos and the billions of years we calculate and count are simply nothing but a long wait where time seems to have frozen and everything is moving towards eternity while the rest is still in time, and time itself has no value of its own though it may posses every bit and piece of existence in this world to the last minute proton or neutron or whatever that is the smallest bit.

Let us all make this wait a moment to energize and rejuvenate our very existence. I keep waiting and try to understand the hardest of all trials, that leads to consciousness personified.

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